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NCAA Tournament

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2 minutes ago, zippyfan34 said:

Screw the NCAA.  We host Ryder in the first round and if we win play at #16 Syracuse then would play #1 Wake.


Can't really say screw the NCAA when we're having a very down year. 40th ranked team in the country. 


More opportunities to beat some quality opponents and prove everyone wrong!

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Akron and Charlotte are the two teams in the RPI top 16 ....that did not get byes....

#17 Denver and #19 Syracuse are the two teams that got seeded instead


New Hampshire, which had a 18 rpi....in effect..got seeded #32 as they would have to face #1 Wake in the round of 32

By facing #16 Syracuse(after the Rider matchup), Akron was probably the #17 seed

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Well I called it correctly on the RPI thread: Akron was in danger of getting bumped out of the top 16 by Denver and Syracuse ...


But the forthcoming wins over Cuse and Wake will just make the trip to Santa Barbara all that much sweeter!

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38 minutes ago, Hilltopper said:

I would guess that our loss to Syracuse earlier this season was the difference between the 16 and 17 seed.

I would guess that the margin was even slimmer than that loss.  The home loss to West Virginia was all it took.

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20 minutes ago, Z.I.P. said:

Haven't seen the bracket.  Who's going to challenge Z.I.P. in the Picker this year? :P


Did WMU get in? WVU vs?

You’ve GOT to find another place to have lunch at than that DAMN Chili’s without All the Satellite Channels!!!!  


No WMU....Yes on WVU....forgot about the Bracket Challenge!  I volunteer fknbuflobo to run the contest this year!

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   here is a statement....that makes my very proud of akron zips soccer


When postseason play begins, the Zips will join an elite group of just four Division I programs that have qualified for the NCAA Championships in each of the past 12 seasons. Only Indiana, Maryland, and Virginia can share that claim.

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