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Board of Trustees Ineptitude

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First of all, I made a comment on a different thread related to Coach Arth and I wanted to clarify it was not directed at him.  My comment about dumbass decision making WAS SQUARELY DIRECTED at the UA Board and the ones who ultimately make decisions on spending and the hires at the executive level (including Presidents, ADs, Coaches, Deans, etc.).  My comments below are not negative to any of our coaches, I have met them all and believe they are trying their best.  


I was taught about ROI and analytics in business school at UA – our board seems to have forgotten what all of that means.  While I love the new buildings and stadiums, things have to be done responsibly.  UA is accumulating a tremendous amount of debt from dumbass decisions.


I want our teams to win and go to postseason play more than anyone and I would like to see enrollment up and even become more selective but the powers that be don’t seem to have a clue on how to do any of this. 


The school has accumulated a tremendous amount of debt, period!  That needs to be addressed before you go paying TWO head football coaches at the same time.  There is no way anyone could justify to me firing a coach when you still owe him money on his contract?  Not in the financial situation we are in.  We can't afford it and Bowden was not that bad.  


Regarding Bowden, if they didn't have the belief in him to begin with…why extend his contract?  It was a dumbass decision to either 1- extend his contract to begin with or 2- fire him and now pay twice as much with a new head coach.  


Regarding Coach Arth, IMHO it would be a dumbass decision to fire him if we would then owe him money on his contract.  We have to cross our fingers and hope he succeeds for however long we are obligated to him or if he succeeds, however long he stays with us. 


When did this debacle start? Around 1985.  On another thread, kreed5220 posted tenures and records of our last 6 coaches.  If you go back one more year you would have seen a 13-year winning record with Coach Dennison at 80–62–2 and before him Gordon Larson with a 12-year winning record of 74–33–5.  Hmmm.  Both of these men were loved by the Akron community and loved being a part of it.  This whole skid started when Coach D was fired for Gerry Faust!!  Things have never been the same.  We have also gone through 7 different presidents at UoA during this timeframe 🤔


After all of these dumbass decisions, the board had the solution right in front of them.  A gift was with Jim Tressel, Keith Dambrot, Terry Bowden and Jim Dennison on campus.  They had a chance to bring in the Akron community with beloved leaders and right some wrongs. 


Since I joined ZN I have posted my belief that UA would be served better by home grown leaders.....people that want to be here and not just as a stepping stone.  If we would have made Jim Tressel President, Jim Dennison AD I guarantee you they would have kept Keith Dambrot and Terry Bowden.  You pair those four gentlemen with Lebron James…..now we are talking some serious fundraising and enthusiasm from the community.  


They are the type of people the Akron community could identify with and get behind.  These are men that would have STAYED at UA and would have taken pride in solidifying their legacies in Ohio at UA. They are the type of men that could have figured out a way to get basketball the facilities it needed.  They are men with common sense.


Could you imagine the reaction of a top football recruit if Terry Bowden, Jim Tressel and Bobby Bowden walked in to their living room?!  How about a top basketball recruit with KD, Lebron and Tressel walking in (with top notch facilities)?


I realize this is a lot of hindsight but I have been saying this same on ZN since I joined. There seems to be panic with the Board at UA.  They are making bad decisions to try to fix previous bad decisions. 

Leadership is to blame.  It’s kind of reminds me of the Redskins since Daniel Snyder bought the team and is now running it in to the ground.  It’s all about poor leadership and financial responsibility.


So, what next?  Learn from mistakes, use ROI, analytics…. Hell, use common sense!!



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