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Zips MAC Tournament- 2022

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Just now, NWAkron said:

All of Freemans fouls were nothing touches


I would have the Student GA cut up all of his fouls and send that tape to the league and NCAA. Atrocious officiating of one of the most fundamentally sound players I've ever seen. 

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2 minutes ago, Let'sGoZips94 said:

Ali Ali is a gigantic pain in the ass. Sometimes he's a PITA for the other team, sometimes he's a PITA for us. 

High risk / high reward

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5 minutes ago, LZIp said:

I'm watching through the CBS Sports App on my Roku. Works great,

I’m on a browser.


Then I found a sports bar. At least I have video. And a juke box. Yay.

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