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Camp 2022

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1 minute ago, MangoZip said:

Looks like Irons has some finger damage on his left hand 

At least its not on his throwing hand.


Sidenote: I'm going to need some highlight clips and interviews stat.

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27 minutes ago, 94zipgrad said:


Maybe it means something, maybe it doesn’t, but that group looks like:

LCB: Cam Threatt

SS: Jaylen Kelly-Powell

FS: KJ Martin

RCB: Jalen Hooks

OLB: Corey Thomas

MLB: Bubba Arslanian

OLB: Tim Terry

DE: Ryan Johnson

NT: Logan Hawkins

Cant make out the other DE and DT



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On 8/4/2022 at 6:22 PM, 94zipgrad said:


I thought this was an excellent interview overall. A few interesting bits I took away: (and I’m mostly paraphrasing)

- Lost nearly 50 players from the end of last year’s roster to either graduation or the portal.

- Had several waves of transfers.

- Expect players to conform to all expectations, including the simple things like wearing the right outfits each day and always being on time. “If you’re not 100% right then you’re 100% wrong.” And “Express your individuality through conformity.”

- Have to be very particular when recruiting out of the portal. If they don’t bring in guys with the right mindset and fit the culture being built, they could lose the team. Have longer to recruit high school kids and make sure they are the right fit, but must make those decisions in several weeks with portal players.

- When recruiting OL the preference is for kids to be multi-sport athletes. Recruit interior OL differently from offensive tackles. Prefer to see interior OL also wrestle and prefer offensive tackles to play basketball at the high school level. Both sports help with body control and balance. Other sports could be track & field or baseball.

- For the most part, no need to recruit OL outside of the midwest. Can find really good offensive lineman within a 5 hour radius of campus.

- The whole staff trusts each other and worked with JoeMo in some capacity in the past. Only one who hasn’t is the DC, but he coached against JoeMo in both the BIG and PAC.

- JoeMo learned a lot from his time at Mississippi State. He wasn’t a good fit there culturally, but came away knowing what he had to have at his next stop as a HC. One of those things was full control over who was on his staff and support from the administration.

- JoeMo chose to come to Akron and rebuild the program. He had opportunities at Power 5 schools, but wanted to be at Akron.

- The offense mostly works out of 11 personnel, but can shift to 10 or 12. 
- The offense can be tailored to what fits the players best. If a mobile QB, more QB reads will be called. If a less mobile QB, more inside zone runs will be called as well as WR screens etc. Mentioned the different ways they used Barkley at PSU and the QBs at Mississippi State and Fordham.

- Spoke to how they call their blocking schemes a good bit.

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