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Game #3 - @ Tennessee Volunteers

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16 minutes ago, LZIp said:

FWIW (and I'm not saying talent level didn't need upgraded), only 4 of them were scholarship players - Marousek, Singleton, Wade, and B Bischoff. B Bischof was brought in by Bowden and Singleton is def a D-1 player...was getting many reps by the new staff. I think grades were issue there. Marousek and maybe Wade would have been the only real whiff there by Arth.

My best guess is 12 out of the 25 total transfers were scholarship players. Or at least somewhere in that range. 12 scholarship players transferring out is almost the norm with the transfer portal these days, so no issue there. 

I’m not sure what the final total was but I think one coach said it was around 40, while another said around 50 for the roster flip from the end of last season to the start of this season (including graduation and transfers). 

I’m guessing we will have another high number of transfers at the end of this year. I don’t want to speculate about who because it’s a long season and plenty can change between now and December, but we are already seeing some guys who played a solid amount last year hardly getting any PT this year.

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1 minute ago, 1981 grad said:

It sucks that DJ got hurt playing one of his best games.  I heard that he got a lower body injury.  Does anyone know what he injured and how long he will be out?

Not sure what the injury was, but he’s supposedly day-to-day.

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4 hours ago, LZIp said:


A few takeaways:

- Joe mentions how well Jones has played.

- He also spoke about Lewis and how well he’s played at the Nickel spot. Includes that’s the way they want to build with homegrown talent.

- Said Boateng had a much better game than in Week 1.

- Joe again brought up McCoy and how he thinks he will be a star here.

- Said Whigan again graded out as the top OL and that Banes had a solid game. Joe thinks Williams may be the most physical lineman.

- Joe said that Tennessee has a bigger OL than MSU.


A few things I noticed from the highlights:

- Cam Threatt looked good again the second time around against MSU’s backups.
- Thomas was firing off the ball quickly against MSU’s backup OL.

- Robinson is a big dude, but was often slow firing off the ball.

- Regarding Boateng - what I like about him is the way he hits and tackles. Now if he can improve on reading his keys, getting off blocks, and the other minutiae of the LB position, we’ll really have something. Until then, I imagine he will continue to back up Terry.

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3 minutes ago, MangoZip said:

What's the latest on Irons? If they've said anything official I must have missed it.

Lower body injury and day to day is all thats been shared. Better than saying out a month or season I suppose. The wording gives me hope for MAC play.

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10 minutes ago, Zipmeister said:


It's hard to believe you scored such a sweet tailgate spot.

I'm told the stadium is only a half mile past that tree line in the background of your pic.


Your distance estimate is dead-nuts on. Yet to see any other Zips fans. But the Vol fans around us are very drunk and congenial. 

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I wish I had made the trip. I was in that area within the past year. The campus and surrounding town felt a bit like Akron to me. Nice city campus, and importantly a great beer scene. Alliance Brewing Company in Knoxville has a few stickers from Akron area breweries too. 

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