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MAC Suspends Mens Soccer sponsorship after 2022

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5 hours ago, mes102 said:

I just saw this on Twitter and had to share it. This could become Akron's opening for a potential full time move to the Big East. 





Never mind. I just noticed this tweet is about five years old. Although on further review, this could still be true. 

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9 minutes ago, ZippyRulz said:


I wonder if those 3 will be favored OOC opponents for us going forward(?)


I certainly hope that they are not on future schedules.   

If they move to the Big East, they will have 11 league games.   There is going to be a ton of travel if they move to the big east so Northern Illinois should never be on the schedule.

11 league matches means that they will only have 6 non league games.

I would prefer to see the zips maintain their rivalries against Big Ten Teams.

I would keep Cleveland State on the schedule as long as zip Alum Sinisa is coaching there.

My preference would be Ohio State, Michigan State, Cleveland State, Wright State, Duquesne and Indiana.

The zips need a few fairly certain wins in non-league but they also need to have strong RPI matches.

If you want to toughen up the schedule, drop either Wright State or Duquesne...and add a Pitt or West Virginia.

I know that the zips have a long history with Penn State but that is another tough travel destination.

my two cents

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