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Pitt at #16 Akron - 2022 NCAA Tourney Round 2

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19 minutes ago, YipaZip said:

Embick - 3 college cups as head coach, 2 as an assistant and part of the staff in 2010 to lift the crown. 

Coppinger - 3 college cups 


Nanchoff - 2 as a player for the zips, winning in 2010. 

I could not LOVE our coaching staff more. I truly mean that.


My only thing is that you cannot let refs determine the match. OBVIOUSLY the first call was horrendous and everyone knew it. But, regardless, we clearly let some things affect our attitude towards the game and the coaches certainly feed into that.


Also, PITT DESERVES CREDIT! Their keeper was incredible all game, great defense, fine handling.


I still go back to Shooky and Dysons terrible decisions leading to red cards. They cost us this game.

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34 minutes ago, fknbuflobo said:

That referee decision for the first PK looks even worse on the replay.  Budler did precisely what you teach your GK to do: collect the ball.


Agreed. Referee Nicholas Balcer should absolutely be reprimanded / suspended. 


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16 hours ago, YipaZip said:

Actually you are far more of an embarrassing “fan” as anyone or anything in the high caliber program we get to watch. Have you said a good word about the team all season? 

The fact you don’t care about the bad officiating says it all about you. You don’t care. You come on here looking to antagonize people. 

Have you ever spoken with Jared about his so called bad behavior? Or coach Coppinger or Nanchoff? I bet you would not have the stones to call them out in person. You are that kind of “fan” who hides, yet still shows up to each game. Pathetic. 

Today is a hard day to be a zip, but we have a young team and this team is ready to win in the future. 


Being critical of a team you support does not equate to being a bad or embarrassing fan.  


I'd like to think that our U of A educations taught us all to be critical thinkers as opposed to sheep.

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On 11/20/2022 at 3:59 PM, fknbuflobo said:

The better team won today.  The first PK was a rubbish call.  Budler got the ball.  But the better team won.  It would have been more competitive if Zips had Clapier and Shokalook.


Did the better team win though? I didn't watch the game, but Akron led in corners (7-3) and shots (19-10 with two of Pitt's coming on PK's), which are usually good indicators of the run of play.


Part of what made Porter such a good coach was his emphasis on discipline and that the players and team dictated the game through possession and a concerted focus on winning. Nothing ever interfered with those goals. Can you imagine a Porter team getting drubbed in the MACC and Sweet 16? Simple scouting by Pitt of the MACC probably showed that they could mentally dominate our team (players and coaches), and this proved to be an excellent strategy.


I hope Embick can reflect on this in the offseason and return the program to form next season.

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