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Game 14- Northern Illinois


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29 minutes ago, LoyalZIP said:

The final 15 minutes or so, NIU put on one of the worst displays of basketball in every single facet of the game that I have ever seen. It got me to thinking, they have been a lot like the Akron football of MAC basketball. Usually in the bottom 3, with a couple of years sneaking up into the top half, with no real shots at league titles over the last 15 years.


And to that point, I'm so glad that Zips basketball has been where they are, and while 17 years of pretty awful Zips football has been hard to watch, I would much rather they be where they have been than UA basketball be where NIU is. I can't imagine tuning in 32 times in the dead of winter to watch a product so horrible year after year. With football, at least it's only 12 games and there's no fun conference tournament or everything. The 17-18 season was bad enough, I can't even begin to imagine having so many consecutive seasons even worse than that one.


I'm so thankful to KD and coach Groce for giving us such a quality product. Zips fans are pretty damn lucky. 

NIU, with German, had some good moments.  They were on their way to Cleveland in 2020 when DeWine pulled the plug.  But once German left that was it.  German is playing in China these days.

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If you go back 5 years even the "bad" MAC teams were still pretty decent compared to other mid to low majors. Now those same schools are at the absolute bottom totem pole of college basketball.


It just seems like the MAC has 7-8 teams that are actually trying in basketball. The remaining 4-5 really aren't putting forth any effort and are content being horrific.

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