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Game 16- BGSU

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The announcers were praising the attendance at this game. Are you kidding me? The Stroth Center seats 5,000 and there weren't more than 1,500 in the stands. Open seats everywhere. No pressure from the fans 'cause they weren't there. Good Lord, I hope we can do better when in league play at home.

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What a game. Not a GREAT game in terms of actual performances, but X and Enrique were fantastic.


Enrique I actually thought really struggled in the first half, but once he figured out Agars physicality he was fantastic too. 


Sammy Hunter was just INCREDIBLE tonight. Offensively and Defensively he made a few mistakes (two bad turnovers and a charge). But overall I am LOVING that Groce believes in him and the team is trusting him. The people I talk to say he often is the best player in practices, so I am pumped to see him put a game together. 


Tavari was not great tonight. I have been a big "Start Tavari" guy, but maybe move Sammy back in? Both of them seem to work better off the bench. 


Lastly, would LOVE to not rely on Kobe and play Garvin when he is back.

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3 minutes ago, Let'sGoZips94 said:

Outstanding win. X playing was a surprise to me, but very much a welcome one. We had X1.0, this is X2.0. Who will be X3.0? We need to keep recruiting X's. 


This team can do it. Groce teams can always do it. 

I wasn't joking when I wrote that in crunch time you want Groce coaching your team and not Huger.

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