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  1. 7 hours ago, monrowe said:

    For what it’s worth with Uk & IU the Zips lose, but win.The U of A  gets about $2 million.With those games they know what they have and don’t have mentality and physically.Physically the Zips can win the MAC but mentally maybe not.Play with confidence young people.Joe Mo should ask KD to speak to the players.


    Sure, the money is good for the university, but as a fan it takes away a lot for me personally. Like, it's an expectation as an Akron fan that I just need to expect 2 loses right out of the gate that could be potentially embarrassing and give some big school practice games essentially with easy wins that pad stats. Yeah, the university benefits from the money, but its depressing to think that the MAC is just a "whore" for lack of better terms lol. I dont know, I'm conflicted on this yearly. 

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  2. I know DJI isnt the most popular Zip, but I feel so bad for him. You can tell he REALLY wanted the win for him and the team and he did everything he could. Hes had a long career at Akron without much winning, I was hoping he could have the memory of going into a Big 10 stadium and winning. Too bad his kicker sucks. 

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  3. 3 hours ago, Crocodile Dundee said:

    Another game day, another day to drink haha. I just hope we show up with some kind of energy about us. Indiana is not unbeatable and I think we can hang with them defensively, just not sure about our QB play. We shall see.


    Oh and first time poster here, Browns fan haha, and a Tar Heels basketball fan also. Got a Master's degree from Akron back in 2018 and been a fan since.🙂

    Welcome!! Happy to have you here!

  4. 2 hours ago, clarkwgriswold said:


    I'd prefer it to be at 7:00 AM so that I have the maximum time available to cool down before I go to bed rather than try to sleep after I am p!$$ed after an embarrassing loss.

    I feel ya on this, good sir!! 

  5. This game is actually winnable. I thought KY could have been, but even before season started I had this one circled as a possible win. I mean, everything has to go right for Akron, dont get me wrong, and the offense and defense need to step up. Indiana is in the Big 10, but they aren't an Ohio State or Michigan after all. A win this weekend...just imagine how awesome!

  6. 58 minutes ago, dre22era said:

    We haven't had a turnaround in damn near a decade and folks like you defending this trash are part of the problem. 

    Yeah, tomorrow will be recaps of how much this team has improved, how we should be excited for the future, and other moral victories that are nonsense all capped with "in JoeMo we trust". Tired of this crap on the field. 

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  7. I'm so frustrated. Maybe it's my fault. Maybe I just need to accept we cant win any of these yearly games we whore ourselves out to the SEC. UK giving Akron every opportunity to let us have some joy and Akron still cant handle it. So tired of the mistakes. Muffed punt, Adam's dropping an easy pass for 1st down, etc. Just gets old this crap happens weekly. 

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