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  1. I think he also holds the record for intentionally hit by basketballs too. It was an amazing performance.
  2. Not to offer excuses, but that was posted on 3/20/2020. Really sad that nobody is paying attention.
  3. I donated yesterday. You can specify that the donation goes to Men's Basketball.
  4. I don't see anything about transferring being a choice. He said he could never see himself playing for another university. There was no choice. It's time for him to enter the next stage of his life.
  5. Which one? Burt Reynolds or Adam Sandler?
  6. He will be in the starting backfield by game #2. Nothing to see here folks.
  7. I guess the coach leaving sent him over the edge.
  8. Letting Harney think he could play the point came back to bite KD in the butt the following season. After he was told no he spent the whole season sulking and fighting with the other players. He really thought he could be a point guard.
  9. He didn't have a great game against UB but ???? Rebounding his missed layups? He can't shoot 74% from the field for the season by "rebounding his own missed layups".
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