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Why should I hate Can't (From a Buffalo Fan)


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UB is very light on "hatred" for other teams. We are too new, and too much of an outlier in the conference.

So at Bull Run we have been asking opposing fan bases why a team is "hateable". ZipsNation is one of the best voices out there for Akron Fans and nobody hates Can't like Akron..

So tell me, why should I hate them like you hate them?

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The reasons are many and legend. One that sticks out to me was when Zippy was in the running for the Capital One Mascot

of the Year back in 2007. The voting was intense. We soon learned that Cantsuckies were block voting AGAINST the loveable

Roo. Zippy won despite the sick bas-TARDS.

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I went to the game at Dick Stadium in 2010 which was their Homecoming, so they actually had a pretty nice crowd which was a weird mixture of non-football fans consisting of inbred Portage County locals, hippies & elderly alumni who reminded me of that batshit crazy teacher we all remember from high school. I stood up to cheer and was called Akron scum by one of their douchebag students. Pure class.

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It's hard to pick where to start so I'll just make a general comment. The education one receives at Can't is laughable at best. Only an idiot would go to this school. It's one thing to be born an idiot and try to improve yourself as life progresses. It's another thing to be born an idiot and pay to go to a school that would make one a bigger idiot.

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@Bull_In_Exile, as you review the video of the cheap shot that Singletary delivered to Linhart, consider that there was also some outrage expressed here about the kidney strike that Javon McCrea delivered to Jake Kretzer last March. It took Kretzer some time to fully recover from that. The difference is that video of the latter incident was not available to explain why Kretzer was in as much pain as Linhart. Those are the types of incidents that tend to develop "hatred" among fan bases. Previous to that, I'd never seen anything to suggest that there was any reason for Zips fans to have any special dislike for Buffalo. Personally, I've always admired the passion and class shown by Bulls fans. But cheap shots by individual players can erode that good will.

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Not that I think you should hate Akron, but there is some case to be made for a Buffalo-Akron rivalry.

Rivalries are typically built out of proximity and history or similarity and history.

Buffalo and Akron are both Canal Towns. Both cities were once similar in size. The Universities are similar in size. The drive from Akron to Buffalo is about 3.5 hours.

So we actually have similarity and proximity.

Now for that history part...

We are both 1AA upstarts, joining a conference that really wasn't that thrilled to have us.

Football - Our final year in the Rubber Bowl we had a 4 OT battle against you, we were on a path to our second Bowl game, but the loss in the final game at the Rubber Bowl to you propelled us on a nasty spiral, and propelled you to a MAC Championship. The last FBS win that Akron had, prior to Miami, and futile year, after futile year was November 26, 2010 22-14 over... Buffalo.

Basketball - The same year as the Football MAC Championship, your Basketball team played its way into a shot at a MACC. Only to fall to Akron in the final game of the tournament. We have always had very hard fought games against each other and there is bad blood between the players already. I would also say that our fan base dreads meeting Buffalo in the tournament because the match up is always so close.

So it's not a deep history, but there are some very interesting things in what little exists. There is nothing wrong with Rivals respecting each other, the biggest issue is getting you guys back on our Football Schedule since the MAC offices don't seem to want to do that.

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Much of my animosity towards Can't comes from their basketball program, especially while it was under Jim Christian. Dirty players (Singletary was the worst, but he was absolutely not the only one) and players with extensive criminal records filled the roster. Players would routinely get arrested, and their only punishment would be to sit out a practice, not even an actual game. But if you ever tried to bring it up, you were just jealous or hating on them. :rolleyes: The same game that Singletary was finally caught punching a player (opposing players were always mysteriously crumpling up on the opposite end of the court from the action - and the referees' eyes - in games in which he was playing), Can't's student section threw stuff, including a box of donuts, at Akron's players as they headed toward the locker room for half time. No technical from the refs, nobody kicked out of the section, Can't officials just ignored it.

I hate how orange the lighting in the MAC Center is. It's easily the worst I've ever seen, anywhere.

I hate how they claim that p*ss-yellow on their uniforms and logo is actually gold.

I hate how their stupid mascot and his stupid teeth.

I hate how they pretend to do important technological research, but when asked about it, can't name one thing they've contributed to since one of their professors invented LCDs forty years ago.

I hate how they convinced the state of Ohio to grant them the status of a "historic residential" university, despite the fact that Akron was established forty years earlier (1870, compared to 1910), and has more residential students living on or adjacent to the main campus.

I hate how they claim to be the second-largest university in Ohio, but only if you count the extra 20,000 students that use their myriad branch campuses as a substitute for community college.

:screwks: :screwks:

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