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TB @ HOF Luncheon Club - New 5 yr Contract

Blue & Gold

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“...I just got a new five-year contract, so I plan on sticking around for a little bit,” Bowden, 60, said. “They can get rid of me, but they’re gonna pay me that contract...”


Good news. Have we read this anywhere else? In searching for something, I found that coach Stroud has added the title of assistant head coach. I don't see anything on an extension anywhere. Did he break the news, and nobody caught it? I would think the ABJ or PD would have a story? I think this is a three year extension, no?



Bowden also likes freshman recruit Kalyn Nelson, a 5-foot-11 dual threat quarterback from Miami, Fla. “We think he has a chance to be the next great quarterback,” Bowden said of Nelson. “Our starting quarterback has two more years of eligibility, but we have a freshman to build the future. I think a quarterback helps you recruit for the future.”


Love reading this. PS, I don't think they got Kato's size correct. 



"...Bowden said the stories probably won’t hurt his recruiting nationally. But they could hurt him in northeast Ohio. “I don’t know if the Akron Beacon Journal gets read in Miami, Florida, or gets read in Orlando,” said Bowden, speaking to the Hall of Fame luncheon club at Tozzi’s on 12th. “But it gets read all over northeast Ohio. And I think the 12 other recruiting coordinators (in the Mid-American Conference) will make sure recruits get copies of those stories for the rest of the year.” He then added with a laugh, “That would be one smidgen of what’s happening in the SEC. That’s called good recruiting there...”


I like that coach doesn't seem to be using this as any kind of an excuse. 



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14 hours ago, Balsy said:

I like hearing that there was an extension, even if it hasn't been officially released yet.

I can't imagine how this isn't news? I know what Urban had for breakfast this morning. I can only guess that it might be "announced" near the spring game while a little more attention is on the program? shrug.gif


With the extension, it seems as though he secretly reached one of his goals. 

"My goal has been to just win enough games so that they want to keep me around here,"...."It's been great to build something," he said. "That's what I meant about this being my most satisfying season as a coach." -Terry Bowden

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