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8 hours ago, monrowe said:

Maybe Meechie Johnson Jr would like to play closer to home?He just left OSU.

For whatever reason, I have a feeling he ends up at OU (because of need and I believe his dad played there) or Toledo (need). I think he’s a heck of a talent though, one above the MAC, so he’d be a steal for whoever get him. Unfortunately I don’t think we have a fit for him on the team, unless we make room of course. We have a lot of guards.

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On 4/7/2022 at 10:23 PM, Blue & Gold said:

💯 I don't like it when good players leave. I want to see high level ball at the JAR.


Having said that, after teams figured out how to guard Sears the guy stunk up the gym.

Sears playing pretty well for Alabama in the tournament. Never liked Oats and this year I assume the crimson in Crimson Tide stands for murder. Want them out as early as possible. 

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9 hours ago, Let'sGoZips94 said:

I have nothing against Indiana, but them getting dog-walked by Miami is hilarious when looking at it from the lense of PCCC not even being competitive with Indiana. 

The B1G as a whole s*** down its leg this tournament. Michigan State was the only one to make the Sweet 16. 

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6 minutes ago, 3rd&twenty said:

Anyone know why Tom Wistricell was sitting at the "official" table in Columbus?


He is on the NCAA selection committee. If I had to guess, the committee may have sent a representative to each site.

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