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Game 4 - @ Indiana


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5 minutes ago, Let'sGoZips94 said:


It is so painful to know that after I've watched a Saturday of sideline passes, drops, penalties, etc., I get to do it all over again with Stefanski's Browns on Sundays.


Going into every weekend I'm always excited to watch both teams play. I talk myself into thinking this week will be different. After all these years you'd think I'd learn my lesson 😂.

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5 minutes ago, LoyalZIP said:

Yeah. Big return. They’re gonna get points. Which is exactly why you need a TD there. Absolutely have to keep them out of the end zone here or we’re in deep doo-doo. 


Huge stop by the defense. Zips need to just kneel the ball and go into half. 

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The athletic department can’t put together a functional web site. What makes you think they can run a D1 football program?

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We looked like the better team that half aside from dumb crap/turnovers on our end and a few big plays on their end. Actually out gained them 177-170. Clean it up and we can win this…

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