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2024 MAC Tournament

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*My heart does go out to Rollins.

*I don't think we talk enough about stellar our defense is. They kept us in this game while we had an all-too-frequent drought on offense, and not for the first time.  

*Taking the lead in the series against Can't is a nice little cherry on top.  So is beating them three times.

*We don't look like we have completely shaken off our issues from down the stretch, but we did beat a Can't team that rolled into the finals in style, an Ohio team that made us look terribad in our last matchup against them, and bottom line, we are the one and only champions of the 2023-24 Mid-American Conference.

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I said earlier this week that I wouldn't hire a Kent grad to scrub the skid marks out of my toilet. I take that back. I wouldn't hire a Kent grad to scrub the skid marks out of an interstate rest area on interstate 77. Losers. 

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I literally saw Eastern Michigan again flash before my eyes giving up that put back but the Basketball Gods wasn't having it. Mind boggling ending and more lifetime bragging material. 

Won a $50 bet from a Kent Alum. Life is good 

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11 hours ago, tolbob said:


No early foul trouble for Freeman

Defend the 3.


In the 2 games with Kent, Santiago, Sullinger and T. Freeman shot 3s at 55% (15 of 27).  Last night, S&S shot at a 73% clip (T. Freeman missed his only attempt).  I don't think they can hit 70% again, but that is a key part of their game.


The good, S and S held to 3 of 14 threes.

The bad, lost the TO battle 13-5, and points off TOs 16-2. We won the TO battle  in each of the first two games, did not expect this. Made the game closer that it should have been.

Sammy did not show up but got us here last night.

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11 minutes ago, kreed5120 said:

I still don't know what the Kent player was thinking fouling with 4.8 seconds left. I haven't seen such a bone head basketball play since JR Smith during game 1 of the NBA finals.

I'm so mad an OU poster beat me to this one: Kant read, Kant write, Kant count. 😂🤣

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6 minutes ago, dre22era said:



Hmm and one of the players he said he "didnt like" - Greg Tribble, whom he fouled and then hit the winning free throws. You can't make this kind of karma up. 

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