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  1. So does anyone have any insight as to when we might have a decision on this? I would think soon... they want football season tickets in by June 12th.
  2. I would say most people who are not Zips( work place buddies or guys from the bar) alums or just live in akron say the same thing. " Akron has a good basketball team, they are great in soccer but god the football team sucks"
  3. Totally agree... I dont like to admit it but totally agree. I go back further than you and I have seen 8 winning seasons in over 33 years. We are talking 6 and 7 win season too. NOT 9 or 10 win seasons.
  4. Can someone answer this.. can you play Football at DIv 2 or 3 and till play Div one in all other sports?
  5. I do wish the Zips could continue at the D1 level. But I am sure the president and others are just looking at 8 winning seasons in 33 years. At some point you cut your losses. I dont want there to be change... but I see how it could and probably will happen
  6. Since 1987 the Zips and in 33 years have only had 8 winning seasons. Based upon a winning percentage of .242 at the D1 level... should it not be time to rethink what division the Zips play in
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