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    I found the following par of the article a little odd- As for replacing Jackson, it comes down to Garvin Clarke, Bryan Tribble and freshman Nate Johnson. “Those three, plus Xavier Castaneda,” Groce said, “so we’re still a work in progress.” Strange that GT wouldn't just write all 4 of them into the sentence. I am 100% excited about the Zips upcoming seasons in football and basketball. 90% excited about hoops and 10% about football.
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    I am very impressed by the new athletic director... one...he is on social media two....he is promoting zips soccer three....he tells us the date for the zips regular season opener thank you....Charles Guthrie Home: August 15 - Xavier (Exhibition) 5 pm (Sunday) August 26 - Wright State (regular season opener) 7 pm (Thursday) September 10 - Indiana 7 pm (Friday) October 7 - Georgia Southern* 7 pm (Thursday) October 13 - Penn State TBA (Wednesday) October 23 - Bowling Green * (Saturday) TBA - one additional MAC home game * Away: September 15 - at Ohio State 7 pm (Wednesday) September 21 - at Marshall 7 pm (Tuesday) September 30 - At West Virginia * (Thursday) TBA - at 2 MAC road games * *MAC
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    They just won the College World Series. It was mentioned that they won their first National Championship in any sport in 126 years. Bah - lets see you wait 140 years. 😁
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    I cannot recall a more competitive schedule in program history. I hope the Zips are up for it.
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    Glad to see Akron still on Marshall's schedule. One thing about Marshall's coach Chris Grassie is he isn't afraid to play anyone.
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    So Buffalo and OU have lost their coaches and Can't may be next. Arth may be the dean of the MAC East before we know it.
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    I for one wonder how much coaching he actually has done in the last few years. The last time OU played at Akron I specifically watched him and he pretty much just shuffled along the sidelines. He never talked to any players, I wonder how many decisions he was actually making?
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    the official schedule is out !!!! what does everyone think.....one month and 2 days from now...the first exhibition game 3 of last year's college cup teams on the schedule as promised, lots of home games https://gozips.com/news/2021/7/12/mens-soccer-akron-announces-2021-mens-soccer-schedule.aspx
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    He's a fine player and he'll get drafted. I just don't see him as much of an NBA player. I hope I am wrong.
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    I was excited when Bowden was initially hired and he had a good run, and did a great job bringing us back from the iCoachpocalypse. But the last couple of years... I don't know... something was different. He got lazy, or something. Recruiting was lackluster and virtually non-existent in NEO. That's just not acceptable. To give him credit, he did land Bubba out of HS, but, IIRC, we were his only D-1 offer. I still can't get over how excellent the offense was his first year with Dalton at QB. Bowden's demise, as has been pointed out ad-nauseum, was his undying loyalty to Milwe. God bless Bowden, loyal to a fault.
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    Bowden also did a crappy job recruiting/transfering his last couple years and left the closet bare. This is not going to be a quick rebuild. IMO.
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    Fantasy Baseball Takeaways: Chris Bassitt rolling along Chris Bassitt has to be the best pitcher hardly anyone talks about, so let's talk about him. Bassitt threw seven bagels at the Rangers on Wednesday (3 H, 1 BB, 7 K), scoring his ninth win and taking his ERA down to 3.04. His WHIP is a tidy 1.03. If you rank all starting pitchers in banked 5x5 value, Bassitt comes in at 14th. Bassitt’s stuff doesn’t blow anyone away. His average fastball is a modest 93.2 mph. But he’s pushed his strikeout clip over one per inning, he still has elite control (2.28 BB/9), and he’s been pretty good at keeping the ball in the park. (If you subscribe to xFIP — and I don’t — he’s been too lucky with the homers. The xFIP stat says Bassitt should have a 3.89 ERA. Bassitt’s Savant-suggested ERA is more in line with my thinking, 3.20.) As you’d expect, Bassitt’s best foot comes at home, in roomy Oakland — 2.55 ERA, 0.93 WHIP. The ERA jumps almost a run on the road. The division probably turns into a wash; the Astros and Angels score plenty of runs, the Mariners and Rangers don’t. I suspect many fantasy managers drafted Bassitt as a support arm, but he’s a fantasy No. 3 at worst going forward.
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    That's one shallow analysis. The typos really help the credibility too.
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    The gap between the haves and have-nots continue to widen.
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    Looking at Georgia Southern's schedule page, it appears the MAC Men's Soccer Tournament may be returning this Fall.
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    Thanks to @TennZip for doing the research to get this thread started: Home: August 15 - Xavier (Exhibition) 5 pm (Sunday) September 10 - Indiana 7 pm (Friday) October 7 - Georgia Southern* 7 pm (Thursday) October 13 - Penn State TBA (Wednesday) Away: September 15 - at Ohio State 7 pm (Wednesday) September 21 - at Marshall 7 pm (Tuesday) *MAC
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    He sure knows how to say a lot of stuff and sounding good, without saying anything.
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    I thought I read on the MAC website a few months back that there will be a 4-team tourney for both sports next Spring hosted by the higher seeded team?
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    Couple of other things; I used to think the Zips were slow publishing their OOC schedule, but compared to Suckeyes just getting their 2020-21 OOC schedule out makes the Zips seem really speedy. I could have sworn they played a BIG only schedule last season.
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    1st thought: ROAD TRIP! Avenge the 2016 choke job. 2nd thought: OSUcks is staying very close to home for the majority of this schedule. I wonder if we'll see something similar for our schedule, or if we'll have to branch out and travel more.
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    Although they play a different position, his tape reminds me of last years OL recruit Colin Lyons. The tape shows that they are both punishing in their blocks and their tackles. Colin bowled over most Defensive linemen in his tapes, while Christian Hanson attacks from the defensive side of line backer and punishes the ball carrier. The tape of both of these players is very impressive. It makes me think; are both of these players really that dominant, or do they play in a weak conference with a weak schedule. I hope that both of these players are long time Zip dominant players and all MAC players. Go Zips!!!!!
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    I concur. It's a wonder he hasn't drawn more interest. He hits a lot harder than most people with bangs.
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    He didn't need an NBA draft eval to know he can play in Europe
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    He doesn't seem to have much activity in the way of offers, but he seems to have good size and I think his tape is nice. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/11254249/60a5b7921762b50d3011ff04
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    That's fair. I think he sticks as a solid pass first backup point. He definitely has the body type teams are looking for. I guess we'll have to wait to see how it all plays out.
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    The only reason the NFL is able to have is a draft is because they are exempt from anti-trust laws. Much of the NCAA is not and it would be horrible to exempt it from anti trust laws. The best way to achieve parity between teams is to require the P5 schools to have tiered scheduling based upon their performance the previous year, much like the NFL used to do a better job of. A school that finishes in at the top of their conference the prior year should be required to play at least three schools that finished at the top of their conference the prior year to open their season. Apply this to second, third, forth, etc. place finishers down the line. Only conference winners are allowed to make the "playoffs" with their overall record being the determining factor in making the "playoff" or not. Eliminate conference championship games. This system would take the shine off of the recruiting advantage 2-3 schools have in recruiting because players would see more than 2-3 schools as an avenue for winning a national championship, if that is their goal. It would also not punish the better schools for their success, just make them try a little harder for the mountain of cash they bring in each season. A rising tide lifts all ships.
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    Yes, this announcement was made a couple months ago. https://www.record-courier.com/story/sports/college/2021/05/07/mac-has-reinstated-its-postseason-tourney-schedule-2020-21/4988094001/
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    The president of my company graduated from Auburn. He said their fans have circled the Akron game on their calendars and point it as a "program builder" since Akron has so much experience at the building process.
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    This is the least surprising news I've heard in a while. Years ago all the NCAA had to do was to allow players to have jobs and make some money. Learning the value of work is a good lesson for a young person. Now these kids are going to learn the modern life lesson that is you can get paid for doing almost nothing as an "influencer".
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    You cannot sponsor the program and an athlete. It has to be one or the other from what I understand. Are the Zips providing any assistance to help players navigate this new world?
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    He’s the A’s ace from Akron
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    Matt starts awesome Twitter thread yesterday. Some of the responses are pretty awesome. For example, one response was, "No Europe Gyro?" Link
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    Kwad tried out for USA Rugby
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    He and daddy have never realized that he might actually have some success at the level of a conference like the MAC. An OSU tattoo in high school...4 schools in 4 years...now in the transfer portal... Not what they had in mind.
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    Don’t know if Clark would win the starting job here
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    On YouTube there is also a small 5 part series titled "Road To Cary" which chronicles the march to the title. It starts out with the countdown to last regular season win over #12 Charlotte which gave Marshall the CUSA title. Going into the game Charlotte was up 1/2 game and 1 point. A win or tie gives the auto bid to and Conference title to Charlotte. Each piece covers a win in the tournament. This should start you: Road To Cary
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    Awesome. I'm expecting a breakout year for Mikal. Hope I'm slightly more on target with that prediction than I was with Maishe.
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    @LZIp I like freshman LB Michael Snowden's quote tweet on that: I do appreciate the culture Arth & Co. are trying to build. If it takes hold it could be something we can all - the university and city - be sincerely proud of. But they've got to win.
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    Now that NIL applies in Ohio, look for Zip recruiting to take off. More than a handful of Zip footballers are likely to cash-in bigger than most reserves on the OSU women's volleyball team. Good times are ahead.
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