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    Astute observations! Zips' opponents have historically feared our counter attack too much to high press us. The opposition is no longer afraid. There is blood in the water and the Sharks are circling. Passing forward is not always the best decision, but passing laterally (or back) is too often the default with this squad, ESPECIALLY among the underclassmen, who have evidently been coached to do so. Older players are usually more discriminating with the ball. Until we clean up our possession, we are inviting the high press feeding frenzy. Opponents must be punished for pressing our possession along the back. Overall, passing accuracy (completion rate) has been atrocious of late, which is a more fundamental problem.
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    It’s very sad that the fans don’t get updated in nothing. I haven’t seen nothing on Twitter, school website, news paper etc. this is unbelievable to me. I think something has to change how do you support a team that the athletic department, social media don’t even support.
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    According to Gainesville and Kentucky fan articles, the transfer sit-out rule has been waived for at least one more year. So we should see Mr. Castaneda on the floor this fall for the Zips, dressed, and dropping buckets in-game.
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    As meaningless as it largely is, I enjoy reading other college coach's Twitter feeds hyping up the team and recruiting and what not. It's just cool to see and gets me excited. We have a few assistants that do some stuff, but nothing close to what other places do. This coaching staff has a serious identity problem. Nobody knows anything about them or their personalities, and therefore, the common Zip fan following social media has no reason to care. Maybe if they connected directly with the fans more, both sides would be more inclined to support each other. I don't know, I'm just bored by Akron football right now.
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    There are no secrets around the MAC. Zips have had trouble with the high press since the get go and now every opponent is using it to keep the offense bottled up in their own end. BG played with confidence and with that unrelenting wind favoring them in the first half they dominated. Yet they couldn't score. Second half I expected the Zips to use that wind too, but it was BG who played like their hair was on fire. Our goalie was the only Zip who matched their intensity and he deserved better. Pacheco certainly could have made some kind of difference but good teams rise to the occasion. Today that didn't happen.
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    This will pass on April 28th. Going forward all D1 athletes in ALL sports can transfer one time and not have to sit out a season. http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/news/di-council-adopts-new-transfer-legislation
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    I think it's great they have an alum leading the program. I wouldn't be holding my breath regarding an immediate resurrection, though. Outside of Kent's glory year, he has a career record of 179-200 (.472) and a conference record of 68-138 (.330) (!!). At this point in the offseason, I'm rooting for the Hurons to get their proverbial sh*t together and help lift the lower half of the conference, but I'm none too optimistic here with a sample size of 11 seasons. I think Stan Heath is what he is...an average to below average coach. Hope I'm wrong.
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    Agreed. Will Meyer had an outstanding game and deserves to be mentioned by name.
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    I have saw your last two posts and you are spot on.
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    Update: Akron still has more NCAA championships than Gonzaga U. 🤷‍♂️
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    I'n getting this at GoZips:
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    Not to get off-topic in this thread, but this is exactly how it should be. Coaches can leave a program without having to sit out the next season, so players should be able to as well. The one-time cap is nice as well in preventing the constant transferring of an individual athlete.
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    @bigzipguy I did. I can't realistically see that happening given current RPI, limited number of teams in the tournament, and not enough games to establish a resume for it. For anyone wondering about goal differential, this is what I came up with as far as current goal differential in MAC games played. Please feel free to check my numbers. If the Zips win and Falcons lose on Sunday, we would be no worse than tied on goal differential in conference games since a team obviously cannot win or lose by less than 1 goal.
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    Good post Zip_ME87. Did you read the write on GOZIPS? Mentioning the possibility of an at-large bid is?????
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    But unless we get that "Big" we are doomed.
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    My post shows what is mathematically possible without any reference to likelihood. It's been a rough season, with much happening outside of the team's control. Those who were available to play last night didn't show any signs of giving up. So, I'll just say ... GO ZIPS!, hope we get some players back on Sunday, and take care of our part of the equation.
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    I could not believe what was written in the summary of the match. Stating that a win on Sunday might help them get an at large bid!!!!! HUH??????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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    Going to o.t at BG. Whatever happens in o.t., the mountaineer offense looks SO MUCH SMOOTHER AND PLAYING WITH CONFIDENCE AS OPPOSSED TO HOW THE ZIPS LOOKED LIKE ON SUNDAY
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    Why can't we get another Big Dog or Zeke?
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    Was shocked to not even see you mentioned in this insightful article.
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    Drop his name in the search box and you'll find the info. It is in the "...looking forward" thread.
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    You're never going to get around his Twitter block at this rate!
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    I asked that earlier and no one seems to know. Looks like we're reliant on GT or UA for news concerning our new commit. 😭😭
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    Xavier Castaneda is a commit.
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    Currie, Mitchell and Edwards depart.
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    I heard the only reason they hired Heath was because they couldn't sign someone older with a sub .500 record. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jay_John
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    That was my point. He's had 3 high win seasons to even get to .500. Also, if I am an AD in a conference like the MAC, I am looking for a younger up and comer. Not a 56 year old. Maybe they got an alumni discount and he may be solid, it's just not the direction I would look to go.
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    I'm sure there will be a crowd of 10-12 there to greet him at the first game
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    The conference standings will show why Sunday's game at BGSU is a big game Tie for first Akron 3-2 Bowling Green 3-2 3. Western Michigan 4-3 4. West Virginia 3-3 5. Northern Illinois 4-4 6. SIU-Edwardsville 2-5 Remaining schedules Akron April 11 at BGSU April 14 ...home against Western Michigan 4 days...later...April 18.....play the same team ...Western Michigan at Kalamazoo Bowling Green all 3 remaining games are at home...but they play 3 very good teams April 11 host the mighty Akron Zips April 14 ....host West Virginia April 18.....host Northern Illinois Western Michigan April 11.....host SIUE April 14 and 18...away and home with Akron West Virginia April 11.....at Northern Illinois April 14....at BGSU April 18....home against SIUE Northern Illinois April 11....home with W. VA April 18......away at BGSU As mentioned before, NCAA bids will be announced on April 19 unless something changes, it looks like Akron and Bowling Green will play 8 league games Western Michigan and Northern Illinois will play 10 league games SIU-E and West Virginia will play 9 league games
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    live stats showed BG led 25-8 in shots 9-0 in shots on goal 12-4 in corner kicks BG seemed to have no problems controlling the ball...playing the against the wind when the zips were against the win in first half....I think it was 11-2 in shots and 8-0 in corner kicks
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    Very little continuity on offense, leading to the 1-0 loss in overtime. BG now in drivers seat to win the MAC. TO determine the MAC winner they are going by average goals per game??
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    youtube link to watch the game go, Zips I know we have some great fans...that made the drive up north....go, zips !!!
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    I thinks it’s because of the WR that someone said was out earlier this week I’m not sure but that’s what I think
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    https://sondasports.com/blog/soccer-tracker-improve-your-teams-performance/ ...There are several types of soccer trackers. One of the first to be introduced were cameras with an optical sensor. They were responsible for following a player throughout the game to record his basic statistics. Not only did they mark his route and the “heat zone”, but they were also able to recognize tackles, shots at goal, passes, etc. ... ...Today, most GPS soccer tracking systems include a GPS tracker, Heart Rate Monitor, and an application gathering and combining the measured data. The information we gather using such systems can be divided into three important sections. The first includes biological data, consisting of internal factors such as the heart rate, oxygen and fatigue, as well as measurements of values such as lactic acid and others. These measurements can be performed for example, by tracking the High Metabolic Distance using GPS soccer trackers. ...
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    maybe when they're not still coming down with COVID?
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    Big get. Groce loves his guards, and this kid looks like the type of player that will thrive in Groce's system. LCJ posted this transfer to his IG. I wonder if they know each other? I'd still like a 6'7"-6'8" Stretch Forward transfer, but we are going to be an absolute unit next year with our guards and front court.
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    Larry Williams was a Waste of Time and Money Yeah I said it Good Riddance
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    Halftime entertainment and concessions at the JAR are lame ?
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    "Hire Ianello and they'll leave..."
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    We don't have much room to talk. We thought a new football stadium would elevate our football program...
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    I caught the game with Malone today on ZDN. Getting smoked by a D2 school is not the end of the world for basically a first year D1 program, but some of the butchered plays made me glad I didn't make the 22 minute drive to campus. Then figure in Malone doesn't have it's own ball park yet, and is 6-14 in conference against the likes of Trevecca Nazarene and Lake Erie College. We've got a long way to go...
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    going by average points per game...3 points for win....1 point for tie so BG is 4-2.....6 games...12 points....2 points per game West Virginia leads NIU 2-0 with 7 minutes to go..... that would make WVU 4-3....12 points ...7 games 1.71 per game Akron is 3-3...6 games...9 points...1.5 per game
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    We have a serious shot at being the school with the nations worst D1 baseball team AND worst FBS football team.
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    I think the spring game has been cancelled? Corona or injuries?
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    It was last weekend.
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