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  2. Sexist? They're describing good qualities of a coach that I think most would want. It's a business, but you also want your school to treat people well. I'm not saying they did/didn't - I don't know how everything went down behind the scenes - but if she wasn't treated well/fair, I wouldn't be happy with that as alumni of the school.
  3. Ashland wins DII championship. Will BGSU hire another Ashland coach? 🤔
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  5. If likability was a determining factor in retaining coaches 87 year old Gerry Faust would still be the head coach of Zips football.
  6. Kobe Mitchell transferring to Walsh University (D2)
  7. Mes102, you are correct in my humble opinion. Frankly, I find sexist the discussion about her being a "great person," the players "liking" her, and "bad timing" because of baby or whatever else. The implication is that she should be treated differently because she has some likability qualities that aren't necessarily attributes fans want in a men's coach. She didn't meet expectations as a D1 coach and Akron didn't renew her contract.
  8. Did the players like Coach Jackson? Of course, or they most likely wouldn't have been here this past season with the way the transfer portal has been the past couple seasons. As for the timing, it's not like Guthrie let her go with any seasons left on her contract. He just simply said when her contract was up, it wasn't getting renewed. The personal situation with Coach Jackson was of course bad timing, but Guthrie can't let that get in the way if he believes that the program needs a change. I had to look at this from a different perspective because I know a ton of high school girls basketball coaches and have been on the sidelines for several years. I like Coach Jackson and hope she lands somewhere as an assistant coach and gets another head coaching opportunity again, but I had to look at this objectively. For those saying not renewing Coach Jackson was the wrong move, if a head coach of a men's basketball program would have a record of 55-56 through four seasons (with these conference seeds and tournament results below) and the 5th season went 17-13 overall (#6 seed in conference with a quarterfinal loss by 24 points), would anyone be upset if the AD didn't renew the contract for the men's coach? Year 1 - #8 seed and lost to #9 seed in First Round Year 2 - #8 seed and lost to #9 seed in First Round Year 3 - Did not qualify for conference tournament, Finished 11th in conference play (only top 8 in tourney) Year 4 - #3 seed, beat #6 seed in quarterfinals, lost to #2 seed by 39 points in semifinals. Expectations should be a part of every program, and it's evident here that Guthrie has high expectations for his programs. Even though I do like Coach Jackson the person, I have expected more out of her and the rest of the staff and have been disappointed most seasons, especially in conference play. I had to look at this objectively, and concluded I'm not sure how many programs would be content with those results above. If this was Groce, I'm sure plenty of people would be saying that we needed a change on the men's side after Year 3.
  9. As the following link indicates, the University of Akron made a startling announcement today that it's official colors are being changed from Blue and Gold to Brown and Orange. Apparently, the switch was made in hopes of attracting fans from Cleveland and Cincinnati, both of which have professional football teams with those colors. AP source
  10. Glad Tortorella was able to go the complete game. He was masterful &, from the games I've seen, our bullpen is a bit worrisome. 1st pitch today is set for 2:00.
  11. An (*) beside the name means we also offered. CENTRAL MICHIGAN 2 HS/JUCO Verbals - #84 National, 3rd in MAC NR - QB Logan Borodychuk (MI) NR - ATH Sopuruchi Ojinnaka (MI) KENT STATE 1 HS/JUCO Verbals - #84 National, 3rd in MAC NR - RB Jayden Studio (OH) MIAMI 5 HS/JUCO Verbals - #54 National, 1st in MAC (5.4) 2 ⭐️ - RB Josh Ringer (IN) (5.4) 2 ⭐️ - CB Toney Coleman (AL) (5.4) 2 ⭐️ - ATH Kaleb Martin (TN) * NR - LB Carter Herriman (MI) NR - S Leo Colombi (OH) * NORTHERN ILLINOIS 5 HS/JUCO Verbals - #84 National, 3rd in MAC NR - WR Adrian Thomas (WI) NR - TE Lane Waddell (IN) NR - DE Ross Liegel (WI) NR - DT Sirmaine Campbell (IL) NR - S Taylor Powell (IL) TOLEDO 5 HS/JUCO Verbals - #56 National, 2nd in MAC (5.6) 3 ⭐️ - ATH Tysen Smith (IN) (5.4) 2 ⭐️ - S Hyajah Miller (FL) NR - QB Kalieb Osborne (MI) NR - RB Sean Martin (OH) * NR - IOL Jacob Kropchak (MI)
  12. If we did indeed land King, this running back room is about to be something serious. Let’s hope for some good news along the interior of the OL soon.
  13. Looks like we might have a replacement for Wiley. Former 4 star at VT I believe with 2 years of eligibility. Seems like he started most of last season?
  14. Faith Stinson now in the transfer portal. https://wbbblog.com/womens-basketball-transfers-d-i-2022-23/
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  16. **** Shaka Smart and the horse he road in on.
  17. Huge win, complete game from Sammy Tortorella!
  18. They also have kicker Joey Castle listed as an OL at 6’2” 205 😂 Here’s Tallandier’s recruiting profile.
  19. Thanks! They don't have him listed as a Pitt transfer on GoZips.
  20. Who is the player George mentions from Pitt? It's loud in the background and I can't make out the name. Something like Jud Totinder?
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