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  2. I would have to take some time to view the rest of the MAC in order to make predictions. I will say Freeman should be a runaway favorite for MAC POY. Groce should won COY, but I could see Barbee winning it instead. CMU was projected to finish dead last in the MAC, but are currently in 3rd. Even though teams 3-12 all suck I can still see voters giving it to Barbee for "overachieving". Not that I would agree with it.
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  4. To stir up some conversation, as the 2023-24 regular season winds down, who are the members of your 23-24 All-MAC Team? Give us your first team, POY and COY. As a reminder the preseason team was: First Team Ali Ali, Guard, Akron, Sr. Enrique Freeman, Forward, Akron, Sr. Chris Payton, Forward, Kent State, Grad. Jaylin Hunter, Guard, Ohio, Sr. Dante Maddox Jr., Guard, Toledo, Jr. Second Team Tyson Acuff, Guard, Eastern Michigan, Jr. Jalen Sullinger, Guard, Kent State, Jr. Anderson Mirambeaux, Center, Miami, Sr. David Coit, Guard, Northern Illinois, Jr. AJ Brown, Guard, Ohio, So. From what I have seen so far, my All-MAC team would be: Enrique Freeman- Akron Basheer Jihad- Ball State Tyson Acuff- Eastern Michigan Marcus Hill- Bowling Green Jaylin Hunter- OU POY- Freeman COY- Groce
  5. Picking up from our previous conversation. I forgot all about the Palestra. This would be my basic blue print with some stylist changes and big comfy seats for the whole audience except for right behind the baskets. Now I just need to win the lottery. Come on big money!!
  6. https://www.facebook.com/share/r/Hb3V1hCw3NCrisZb/?mibextid=0VwfS7 Video of Brubaker pickoff attempt last season. About the fifth one in.
  7. Illini Zip, this is brilliant, but you can't give him high marks for his tackle because of the yards after contact. Very poor technique, but you expect that from PCCC.
  8. Toledo crushes Ball State 70-48 at Savage. Look out Wednesday in Muncie, Zips. 😳
  9. This may be one of the best, most accurate photos ever taken.
  10. I was watching Prather during pregame warmups & he has the smoothest 3-point stroke on the team. Effortless. If the game slows down for him just a tad he could be something.
  11. Dude looks like he put on the Freshman 40lbs after last season!
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  13. Central Michigan's magic carpet must be at the dry cleaners. They lost to Miami 88 - 60.
  14. If Tavari and Prather stick around they would immediately be key contributors in 2024-25. I hope they both stay. I would love to see Lyles develop here as well but he seems to be a foul magnet, so I am not sold on him.
  15. Don't forget he did have 1 tackle.
  16. CMU is getting crushed at Miami, so weird
  17. Here's a line for you- 13 minutes played; 0 for 5 from the field; 0 for 2 on threes; 0 assists; 0 rebounds: 1 turnover. This performance brought to you by last year's MAC Freshman of the Year Reggie Bass.
  18. With Tavari, Scott and Thornton, the Zips have the ability to play whoever is the best on a given night, an advantage many teams don't have. My only worry would be that that splitting up the time may keep any single one of them from getting into the flow. In Groce I trust.
  19. The biggest thing with Nate IMO is he shoots outside at a pretty high clip - 43% from deep last year and 42% in the 16 games he played this year. Teams are too comfortable doubling Freeman and daring our guards to make they pay for it. I'm hopeful Nate can help that. Tavari is a much better scorer than Scott and Thornton. But Groce may be more willing to go with ball control/defense with those two right now because he has other scorers around them. Tavari definitely has the highest overall upside though.
  20. really nice quotes about Richie....in this article https://wakingthered.com/2024/02/23/14503/richie-laryea-returns-to-toronto-fc-on-3-year-deal/
  21. Yeah it seems that some think playing Tavari twenty minutes a night is the magic bullet. I'm sure there are reasons he's playing the minutes he has, and some of what we've seen might explain what the coaches see every day. He has a lot of potential, he'll hopefully put it together
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