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  2. Here’s a close up. https://twitter.com/FIBA/status/1597943666064076801/mediaViewer?currentTweet=1597943666064076801&currentTweetUser=FIBA
  3. FAU living our dream right now. They had never won a tournament game before, and have completely punked Tennessee in the 2nd half. 34-3.
  4. He inherited a 4-22 team then had them winning 20+ games in his first year. Frankly, I feel 1 season is too small of a sample to judge how good of a D1 coach he'll end up being. That said, even if you take away the Purdue upset away, adding 16 additional wins year-over-year is a hell of an accomplishment.
  5. Don't know much about the FDU coach but he didn't win the conference tournament. Coached a huge upset and lost next round. More than likely lightning in a bottle
  6. Looking forward to following Zips Mens Soccer this summer with Akron City FC at St V-M.
  7. Iona is a pretty big step up. 6 figure job and established tournament presence. 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2023
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  9. Thing here is, Iona (pre-Pitino at least) wasn't a promotion over Fairleigh Dickinson. Not sure how IU gets alot more $$ for coaches (rich Catholic alumni? 😁) My only past knowledge of FDU was seeing them beat Hipsher's team for 7th place in a tournament in Honolulu in 2000, and that the Adidas 3-Star camp used to be held there -- Sonny Vaccaro & Co.
  10. We will see... hopefully sooner, rather than later. 😁
  11. The only candidates we are considering are existing D-1 head coaches or assistants from P-5 programs. Expect an annoucement soon.
  12. Between X, Hankerson, Kobe, and Clarke we lost 4 guards who got regular minutes. I'd assume we'd be after at least 1 more guard.
  13. Rasheed Bello tweeted that prior to Shammah committing, so I wonder if our offer is still on the table?
  14. Twitchy is a great adjective. Afraid I’m going to have to steal that one. Ha!!
  15. Chicago kid. 6' 170 lbs. Averaged 19 ppg at the halfway point this season (no idea what he finished at). Charleston being in on him is promising for his potential. Don't know enough about him for the needle to move either way, but trying to find DII talent ready for the DI level is smart (look at Toledo and JT Shumate). Edit: Just watched a highlight video. Takeaways... - Looks like he is bigger than the old 6' 170 lbs metrics - Twitchy/Explosive. Handles well, moves quick with the ball, gets to the basket well, finishes well, and gets into his shooting motion quickly.
  16. Mine is loading fine. Now if I could just dump that aggravating Kevin Hart ad that displays over links at the top of the page...
  17. I think the Zips should require them to grow 4 to 5 inches if they decide to come to Akron.
  18. So Shammah Scott has committed. We've "reached out" to Bello, Terrance Ford (Ark. St.), and Kaleb Thornton (NIU). The Zips were not on Zid Powell's (UB) list of schools who have reached out. I've searched Twitter for more, but that's all I have come up with so far.
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