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  1. The 2019 frosh contribution was underwhelming.  Jackson showed flashes but was inconsistent, Cruz looks like a competitor, but the rest didn't impress.  Did I miss an injury to Chick, where was he?  Smart as a transfer couldn't crack the lineup.


    It will be interesting to see what players move on.


    Edit: I like Wright's speed and hope to see more in 2020.

  2. 3 minutes ago, ZipsVoice said:

    I totally agree and love the coach and staff.....but to be honest, and I think Coach would agree, to be named the MAC Coach of the Year is a little bit of an indictment on the MAC as a league.  Not many D1 coaches go 6-10-2, even with our OOC schedule, and still win a Coach of the Year Award.  These were all his lads, his recruits, and he was never able to get them to consistently play together, hold their shape, especially on Defense, and find the "ideal 11".  I know, there were numerous injuries, KEY injuries, but the claim to fame for the staff was the fact that they were able to get these kids to play well enough for 5 matches to win the MAC, a little underwhelming when you think about it.  I know this will seem sacrilegious, to many on this board, but understand, my passion is with this team and staff, and mention this only as an honest critique.  If we want a more ideal situation, we should petition the MAC to drop men's soccer as a sport and let the 4 REAL MAC member find other homes in larger, more competitive conferences, where we could lessen our need for brutal, on-the-road early-season OOC schedules, and work towards a better strength of schedule and RPI based on our conference.  I'm sure there's a Conference out there that would love to have an Akron, with our pedigree, in their mix.  Okay, crucify me for my Jared comments....   


    Fair criticism in my book, as I was a bit shocked by the award too.  The team struggled mightily outside the conference.  The early OOC may have messed with this team's confidence looking back at it.

  3. I always enjoy the comments and positive overall vibe of this UA soccer forum.  However, I'm a bit mystified by the lack of discussion on one topic:  What the hell happened this season???


    I attended a number of games and watched a couple of streams, but it was pretty apparent that this team didn't have it this year.  It looked like we were turning the corner a bit (MAC record), but then the tournament was more of the same.


    I don't count myself among the experts on this board, so I need some help here.  Bad team chemistry?  Lack of player leadership?  Were we lacking players in certain positions?  Are we lacking the "one and done" star recruits of the past?  Did Harter mean that much to this team?


    To start the year so highly ranked and finish with such a poor record and finish, were we grossly overrated?  I admit that I did not see the level of talent depth that many on this board saw.  I kept waiting for Coach to simply insert a guy off the bench and we would magically play better ball.  It didn't happen.


    Watching Zip soccer has been a really enjoyable experience for many years, but the 2019 team did not perform.  Why?

  4. 1 hour ago, clarkwgriswold said:

    Tickets are here!


    For a school dripping in red ink, I was a bit surprised by the high quality of the ticket package.  Thick card stock, high gloss, spiral bound, perferated, and die cut (parking passes).  How much did that cost??  And my GA ticket is only $60!


    BTW, already used my City BBQ coupon from the package.  EXCELLENT BBQ!!

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