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  1. The Scarborough Era is now over. It is now up to all of us in Zips Nation to come together and work hard to save over beloved school. Never again can we allow a small group to take over what we all collectively own. Akron Hail, All Hail
  2. It is abundantly clear that the days of the Scarborough regime are numbered. The apple will fall very soon. Of critical importance will be what happens next. There ARE serious challenges facing our beloved university. As members of Zips Nation, we will need to actively express our thoughts, passions, and desires about what kind of university we want going forward. We can never again allow a select few to make monumental decisions that impact everyone. Engagement of all UA stakeholders and their participation is the only way forward. While Zips' athletics is having a banner year, we need to remember that our teams are extensions of the greater university. We will rise or fall together. Akron hail, All hail!
  3. I wonder what Zips Nation thinks about the new President's idea to re-name the University of Akron.
  4. As a long-time season ticket holder, UA alum, donor, and 12+-year faculty member, I have never been more frustrated than this morning with our football program. It's not merely the total collapse over the last three games. Nor is it the overwhelming apathy shown by my students, colleagues, and community towards UA football. Mostly, it is the utter disregard the athletic department shows to anyone who bleeds blue and gold. I am tired of buying tickets each season to watch a historically lousy product, and then get treated like less-than-excrement. The hubris displayed by the athletic department, which hemorrhages money, and only exists because of massive taxpayer and student subsidies, is mind numbing. While they sit back in their climate controlled suites, they won't even allow us "poor serfs" the use of an umbrella during a monsoon. How many of those soaked-to-the-bone first-time students who came out last night to win free tuition will ever come back? We already know the answer. Further, in a university where enrollment- and revenue- continue to plummet, this same program spends ungodly sums of money bribing students to show-up; gold-plating helmets; and, creating new uniforms every week. They do all this while embarrassing the University on national television and treating supporters as necessary evils. Well, Mr. Wistricil (sic) ET. Al., the Greeks had a goddess for hubris - and her name was nemesis. Losing is clearly your fate. You've earned it. I won't let it become mine.
  5. We are an early 7 point underdog. Not bad for a 12 seed.
  6. According to Vegas Insider, we are the underdogs tonight. No worries.
  7. Given Zeke's maturity over the past month (had he hit only 40% of his shots yesterday, we would have won); Quincy's big time play (probably the best athlete for us that I can remember); and, Rico's huge upside (one of the quickest guards in America), I am more confident than any time in recent memory about the Zips' future. While losing Brett, Nico, Daryl, Steve, and Mike (each of them solid players and, more importantly, good people) will certainly hurt, Zips Nation should feel good about the possibilities over the next two years - and beyond. We have the opportunity to truly build a national program around our Big Three. Let's keep our heads up and start playing some big time schools. We're finally ready! Signed, A UA alumn, professor, and long-time season ticket holder.
  8. A great bunch of young men are reminding us once again why UA is a great place to be!
  9. Thanks! Zach!!! What a great feeling to be a Zip today!
  10. I'm 43 and feeling like Christmas morning. Let's hang on!,
  11. Let's finish thisnthing. Keep me posted, please!
  12. Caldwell was a student of mine. Great kid! How much time left?
  13. Is it still 0-0? I am in Europe and can't get the game anywhere?
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