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  1. If you were in the band would you enjoy having to watch losing football in an empty stadium every week? Recruiting has had to be difficult for the band too.
  2. Check out a neat halftime show that Ohio State did below. They did Michael Jackson this week, This show has over 80,000 views on youtube. http://www.today.com/entertainment/ohio-st...ball-8C11422539
  3. Quick, you're standing on the I-480 bridge. If you don't think we can win in football, what makes you think we can be this powerhouse basketball program? What other ingredients do we have besides KD? Basketball can tank just as easily as the football program can. KD won't be here forever, and we are way overachieving in that area (One bid league, dumpy gym, no ncaa wins, etc.). With that said, Wistricill is the guy who wrecked this football program and pretty much sentenced us to a decade in the basement. He screwed up the biggest hire in his tenure, and he should not live it down until the football program gets it right. We changed ADs because the guys we had previously got hired for better gigs. This guy is here because he cannot get a better gig. If you want a common denominator look there. But those of you thinking that either dropping football or moving down a division is the answer think again. We would just become CSU south. If countless other Ohio schools can figure out a way to get it done, there is absolutely no reason we cannot. Maybe it is time for new leadership in the athletic department.
  4. Every time we talk arenas hockey always comes up. It's not going to happen. First off, kd does not want it. Second of all, the university is broke. The upkeep associated with an ice rink would really jack up operating expenses. We really need to focus on basketball. Let Miami of Ohio and BG waste money on hockey. It's really paid dividends for their basketball programs.
  5. And now the doomsday posts. We lost A game. A loss is a loss regardless of the score. As a fan, this is better than losing a heart breaker. The better team won. VCU clearly has elite talent, but there is no reason that we cannot win a game in the dance. We had a crappy draw, plain and simple and the weight of this season finally collapsed on us. Unfortunately luck plays a part in a basketball season. OU, Cleveland State, and Can't all got it done in the post season. I remember we were all crying when Miami banked one against us in the MAC finals, but we busted through that. Now we hit another snag, and that is to win in the tournament. We'll be back to the dance. We finally figured out how to schedule. We have the best coach in the MAC. The University is going to do something about our facility issue. Dambrot is staring to bring in the athletes. We clearly need more though, and that was obvious yesterday. We also need to clean up this off the court garbage. This is what we should be annoyed about.
  6. This is not Dambrot's fault. We are playing a faster, more talented opponent. Nothing KD can do about that.....still a KD fan. He's the best coach we have at this University.
  7. I'm hoping this lights a fire under these guys going into next year. It's been a fun ride, but what a shame to see them go out like this.
  8. Just embarrassing.......well if I'm Michigan fan I am severely concerned right now. Why am I still watching this game?
  9. This high major talent we are facing here. We just don't have the horses. Hopefully we can make this somewhat of a game.
  10. Ugh....there could not be a worse draw. Dang it NCAA.
  11. Pace of this game is way way too fast. We are playing right into their hand.
  12. I hope the VCU players are saying the same.
  13. I hope the VCU players are saying the same.
  14. Yeah I'm not sure I'm ready to count this team out. I tried yesterday, but this team surprised me. VCU would not be my first choice, but we have three days to put together a gameplan. No doubt our coaches know exactly what they are going to do.
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