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In case you didn't know, the AK-OLDIES have had a Facebook page for a few months. If you're a FB member, please look us up and join next time you log in.Now, there's a new FB page called, "You know you're an AK-OLDIE if...This one is a lot of fun....please post your memories. Here are just a few.You know you're an AK-OLDIE when...-your group of friends had their own table in the Chuckery.-you even remember the Chuckery.-the ACME-ZIP game sold out every year.-you remember checking the huge IBM read out taped to the wall in Spicer Hall at registration time.-WZIP was WAUP-you could walk under the arch at Kolbe Hall-you watched the Zips play in Memorial Hall-your hard-cover books cost $25-parking permits cost $25 per semester-classes were still on quarters-you parked in the lot next to the fire station that is now the JAR Arena-you could still drive on Buchtel Ave in front of Bierce Library-just about the only dorms were Bulger and Spanton.-Polsky's was still a department store.Go Zips!

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