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Very Cool Akron Jerseys

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Dude! I am sitting at the keyboard right now, WEARING my Atlas jersey (2010 version, similar to the one on top). I got it on e-bay for like $25. Lady in LA sells all Mexican League jerseys. Wore it at CSU-Northridge OT win last Sept. :wave:

edit: BTW -- off topic completely: working in the enviro eng/hazmat biz, I've found many and various types of industrial oils, greases, adhesives etc. still being manufactured in the Akron area. Had to write to Akron Lubricants few yrs ago for an MSDS, they're address was S. Main St. This past week our fire chief told me that fire dept's (also heavy equipment shops) across the country use parts from Akron Brass Co., which apparently moved to Wooster, which is on the boxes I see.

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