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Further Proof!

Zip Watcher


Sunday was one of the best days we've had in a long time. Our son's 3rd birthday takes place while we will be in Fairbanks with the men's hoops team. So we threw the party early.

Much to my son's surprise, his favorite kangaroo paid a visit to his house. I must tell you that it was by far the best thing we could ever get the kid. He took Zippy around and showed him all the presents. He opened things w/ Zippy & had Zippy help. They played together & Zippy conducted the Happy Birthday Chorus. Zippy was awesome!

It's been 3 days & my boy is still telling his teacher @ daycare (a current Can't Student) "One day .. Zippy was at MY house! Zippy!"

Further proof .. in case you needed it .. that Zippy is America's Favorite College Mascot.

Not to mention my son's best friend.



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