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  1. Good game Zips ! Watched it this afternoon and it was most definitely an enjoyable game to watch from a fan standpoint. Our back up tailback had a whale of a game but our offensive line was dominant at times. You guys have a very strong passing game and your qb put the ball in some tight windows and challenged our db's all day long. Good luck the rest of your season. Will definitely be pulling for you guys in your bowl matchup (as long as it is not against us again )
  2. Definitely APP-UH-LATCH-UN ! Thanks for caring. Our new chancellor was speaking to some group and pronounced it the other way (she is from Nebraska) and alum base was about to lynch her On another note, App Nation has the utmost respect for y'alls program. Many of us understand Terry Bowden's background (southern roots) and get the fact that he was definitely in rebuilding mode when he arrived. He has obviously done a really solid job of getting you back to where you are. I look at our tilt against the Zips as a real blue collar, bring your lunch mentality, game and expect to be entertained this Saturday. App has a lot of returning starters but are struggling with getting the young players integrated into the lineup , especially at wide receiver. Our defense is strong along the front 7 and our secondary has lots of upside athletically but have not gelled as of yet. Taylor Lamb at qb will not beat you with his arm but is a very reliable compliment to our rushing attack. Wish that we both had our top tailbacks in there this week but it is what it is....... Good luck for no injuries and hope that we do the same. Should be a really good game.
  3. 1 - App will defend the run well and hope to make Akron throw the ball and become one dimensional 2 - I am going with App for a couple of reasons. First, I think that we match up well with Akron. I was definitely taken aback by your lopsided victory over Marshall but know how the game can swing based on certain plays. Secondly, although Marcus Cox is out , his back up is more than capable. He has had very few carries thus far this season. However, last season (almost same exact scenario), when Marcus sat out against Idaho (I know Akron is much better opponent) , Jaylin Moore ran for 244 yards in Marcus absence. 3 - App is definitely a run first team. Even when teams load the box, we are not quick to give up on our outside and inside zone read plays. I think that we will get our 180 yards and more on the ground but may not have more than 325 total yards. Should be an excellent game !
  4. Considering that the Zips are averaging around 40 points per game and giving up around 39, this game could be a barn burner on Saturday. App has a really strong ground attack (even with Marcus Cox sidelined) and our defense has been our strong point thus far (even though Miami didn't get the memo). Looking forward to a good competitive game this weekend. The one thing that I think that App has going for it is the fact that we currently have played the 18th toughest schedule in the country. I would much rather be 2-1 but 1-2 with our schedule does not have me too down.
  5. Aaron, Thanks for your reply. I knew that it was probably something along those lines but the number just jumped off of the page when I consider that App has 2 juco transfers on our entire team. Hoping to see a good , hard fought , game between our programs this weekend. Mark Daniels Mountaineer '84
  6. Question for some of you guys in the know................. Did Coach Bowden intentionally build Akron through transfer or is that due to attrition, injury, etc.... ? When looking at your guys roster, I found 29 players who had come from either a junior college or other college/university including Ohio State, Miami, Missouri, Pittsburgh, Nebraska, Utah State, Weber State, Boston College, Indiana, Iowa, Western Michigan, Rutgers, West Virginia, and Michigan.
  7. Even after the pasting that the Canes gave us on Saturday, looking forward to our matchup. You guys definitely put it on Marsha and App fans like when someone puts it on Marsha ! Marcus Cox likely out this week so we will see how deep we are at running back. Hope that our young men can come back from the disappointment that was Saturday in Boone. Good luck and no injuries for either of us this week.
  8. Can't wait for this game. Lost a tough one to Tennessee. Beat Old Dominion like a drum with limited 1st team play. Have Miami in our sights for Saturday noon kick on ESPN . Finally, play the Zips and see what kind of road team we have this season. Good luck this week.
  9. Our AD and staff have done a very good job of scheduling thus far in our transition to FBS football. Not only do we have Miami coming to Boone this season, but we have home and homes lined up with Southern Miss, Marshall, Wake Forest, and possibly East Caroliina. These regional matchups generally excite our fan base as they are easy to travel to on the "away" year. Good luck to you guys this season (with one small exception ).
  10. It is hard to say, Captain. If, by the grace of God and all things good , we were to upset Tennessee in the opener and beat Miami in Boone the week before our game, we might bring some charter buses full of people. However, since many of our base is travelling to the Tennessee game in Knoxville, and heading up for the Miami game the week before, I don't suspect that we would bring more than 200-350 or so to Akron. We did, however, take close to 10,000 to Montgomery for our bowl game last year , so I might be wrong.
  11. As far as non chain restaurants, give the following a try - Peppers , Black Cat , The Rock Bar and Grill, Troys Diner, Macados, and Portofinos. I intentionally left out the regular chains that you see. Price Lake in Blowing Rock on the Blue Ridge Parkway is a really pretty and scenic lake setting. Also, if you get a chance , drive the Blue Ridge Parkway south from Blowing Rock toward Grandfather Mountain and you will drive across the Linn Cove Viaduct , a pretty cool engineering marvel of a bridge that looks like you are driving out into the sky. Come on up the mountain if you get a chance. App brings more spirit to football than anyone else in North Carolina (with East Carolina being a close 2nd).
  12. Our current capacity is listed at 24,250 but we have had crowds north of 30,000 . Might hit 35,000 for Miami game in September.
  13. Some more shameless plugs for the App State experience.................. Again, thanks for y'alls hospitality and good luck on your upcoming season. ** The aerial shot of the stadium is a work up including the new video board and endzone seating that we anticipate to happen in the next few years.
  14. Long story short, Coach Moore came to App in 1989 and stayed through the 2012 season. Coach Moore was 73 and did not want to see us make the jump to FBS football. He and our administration did not see eye to eye on this and Coach Moore left after 2012. Coach Satterfield was a qb under Coach Moore and had been an assistant at App for about 10 years or so before he left to be the Offensive Coordinator at FIU. From there, he went on to be the Offensive Coordinator for Toledo (I may have his timeline mixed up a bit). He came back to App in 2012 and took over the reins in 2013 and has helped us make a very strong transition from FCS to FBS. We love Coach Satt !
  15. It would be great to get a SunBelt vs MAC ooc series going with Ark St vs Bowling Green, App vs Toledo, GS vs Akron or Ohio, etc.... Those are the types of ooc matchups that I look forward to each season. This year , we have Tennessee, Miami, Old Dominion and you guys. Good luck to you in your season outside of that 9/24 tilt.
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