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  1. A monthly maintenance release was run today. Any issues, please report here.
  2. Wonder if they are tired of losing? 🤦‍♂️
  3. I remember a wise coach saying "We have to learn how to win in the MAC." From what I have witnessed, I think you present a good formula for this years team.
  4. "Guthrie mentioned how Freeman used his business experience from school and the MBA program to set up some NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) deals. Freeman said he has a shirt deal with Barstool and also a deal with Topps." Dunk shirt
  5. Minor upgrade run this morning. Any issues, report here.
  6. For what it's worth, I enjoy what you type. 😎
  7. A monthly maintenance release was run today. Any issues, please report here.
  8. Emoni Bates Emerges as a Star in the Summer League Bates helped the Cavs win the Summer League championship on Monday night and was named to the All-Summer League second team after averaging 17.2 points on 43.9% shooting, including 40% (18-for-45) from the 3-point line, over six games. He averaged nearly 30 minutes per game in the 40-minute contests and also averaged six rebounds per game and shot 100% on his 13 free-throw attempts
  9. Shooting Stars Movie Fun movie about Lil Dru's influence on the Fab Four. A few scenes shot in the JAR with the Z on the floor. 😂 Casting is also entertaining, I like Dermot Mulroney playing KD. The movie has some artistic licensing, for those of you that don't appreciate that.
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