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  1. "We need volunteers, not hostages" —MT One of my favorite coaches quotes of all time.
  2. FYI, updated map from seat geek. Team sections were different before noon.
  3. A new software upgrade was completed this morning. Not a big features upgrade, mostly security.
  4. Some background server maintenance will continue for the next 30 or so hours. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will let you know when everything has returned to normal.
  5. Hello Members, In the last 24 hours, our host had a server load issue causing our site to crash. Should be back up, and running normal now. Kind regards, Dr Z
  6. I can not recreate, works for me on multiple platforms. Chrome, Safari, iPhone, PC and Mac. I don't own an Android. Can you give specifics? What browser? Android, iPhone, PC Mac? Are you running updated software on this device?
  7. A new maintenance release was run this morning. All reindexing should be finalized by now.
  8. There were some upgrades on the hosting side that caused some security issues that effected embedding tweets. Tech support created a work around for us, there is supposed to be a permanent fix in a future update. Should be working for now.
  9. For those of you getting the above message, this is known, and being looked into. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. First Year Coaching Grades ––Adam Rittenberg ESPN Senior Writer I would grade B. The team improved at the end of the season. IMO, that is the sign of good coaching. I would have to look it up somewhere, but I'm pretty sure this is what I predicted at the beginning of the season, so I have to give a good grade for meeting my expectations.
  11. Tomlin References MACtion Pickett will return in time for a frigid game -- the 50th anniversary of the Immaculate Reception -- Saturday night, when temperatures are expected to be around 8 degrees at kickoff with a wind chill estimated to be minus-4. Pickett's five years of collegiate experience at Pitt, though, will help prepare him for Saturday night's weather. "I think that's an example that we often cite when we analyze people in draft prep," Tomlin said. "Diontae [Johnson] played at Toledo; he's from Tampa, but he played at Toledo in that Wednesday night MAC-tion. That probably got him a little prepared. All the offensive guys -- usually there's a discussion of some kind in draft analysis of that exposure or what that might look like or if it might be an issue for them. Oftentimes it's not a significant decision-maker but a variable certainly."
  12. I can verify for you that the site is working properly. All scans return a verified "no issue." I have tested on Chrome and Safari on OSX, tested on an iPhone, tested on a PC with Chrome. All work. I don't own an Android phone or tablet, but assume they will work as well. All my devices are updated to the latest software releases. If you have not done that, I suggest that as well.
  13. Any issues members are having in Chrome, might just be a Chrome issue. Try clearing your cache.
  14. To all members, New upgrade is now complete. There is still some reindexing working in the background. Should be finished by noon. Kind regards, ZipsNation Staff
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    For any member, simply hover your cursor over a members name. A mini profile will pop up. At the bottom right there is an Ignore button. Select.
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