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  1. From what I heard from some of the players that played their last season last year was that Coach Arth did not want to bring in anymore O-Lineman. Hey wanted to build up the skilled positions. It’s safe to say it is biting him in his butt right now!
  2. https://twitter.com/biggdaddymac_bc/status/1237887963175849987?s=21 Looks like he got another one!!
  3. It’s not jumping ship! Council gave this University all 4 years! He has two years of eligibility left. He is also grad transferring, that is way different from a regular transfer. I just checked his Twitter those are definitely full ride scholarships. They even flew his mom out there to Baylor. He was one of the best O-lineman to come through Akron and he punished people on the field on Saturdays. If you ask me this conference was probably too easy and he wanted to show his talent on a bigger stage. I’m surprised we even got him in 2016! I’m excited to watch this kid on Saturdays wherever school he chooses to pick.
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