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  1. He inherited a 4-22 team then had them winning 20+ games in his first year. Frankly, I feel 1 season is too small of a sample to judge how good of a D1 coach he'll end up being. That said, even if you take away the Purdue upset away, adding 16 additional wins year-over-year is a hell of an accomplishment.
  2. Between X, Hankerson, Kobe, and Clarke we lost 4 guards who got regular minutes. I'd assume we'd be after at least 1 more guard.
  3. Burried before meant they hovered around 150-200 in rankings. Now CMU is ranked 329 out of 363 teams. It has definitely widened the gap even at the mid-major level between the haves and have nots. Akron seems to benefit from it so I'm not complaining, just stating a fact. I certainly agree with you here that players should be able to transfer without penalty if a coach leaves.
  4. Yes, I feel role players like a Hankerson or Cochran are easier to pluck and there certainly is value in doing so. They have shown the ability to play in the MAC and by taking them, you're weakening your competition. That said a roster full of Hankerson's or Cochran's aren't going to win you the MAC. You need a few legitimate studs so you have to bring in some guys who have high ceilings.
  5. Unfortunately for him his coach bolted to BGSU and who knows what kind of roster fall out that will create. He might get stuck on a gutted team considering he burned his free transfer.
  6. I don't think he'd turn into this player had he stayed. He's a talent, but he would have always been stuck behind Freeman.
  7. It's definitely a mixed bag. It has helped some mid-majors, like Akron. It has buried other mid-majors, like NIU or CMU.
  8. It might be a bit of an exaggeration, but there certainly is a gap between the two. When LCJ was doing what he was doing the MAC was a top 8-12 conference. I don't think the OVC has ever been a top 20 league. I view the MAC solidly as a mid-major while the OVC is more a low major. That's not to say they haven't produced a good team from time to time. Just that the vast bulk of the conference is comprised of cupcakes that make stat padding a little easier.
  9. I pointed it out earlier in this thread, but that page isn't inclusive of all players. It lists Big Dog as #9 in FT%. He's one of my favorite Zips of all-time, but his 58% FT% clearly shouldn't be anywhere near the top 10.
  10. He was on the Huggins tournament team. Also, the OVC conference is a big step below the MAC so LCJ achieved what he did against better competition.
  11. I still remember the running joke this board had about height because someone argued Mark should play more because he was tall.
  12. 2/3 years Pistol Pete LSU teams had a losing record in conference play. 4/5 years Davis team had a losing record in conference play. Perhaps having a dad that's a coach who encourages their son to put up >50% of the shots a game isn't really a winning formula in the long run.
  13. He already had pretty much a full 5 years to break it since he the covid exemption. When Pistol Pete played freshman couldn't play so Davis played 5 years to Pete's 3 and still couldn't beat him. He had his opportunity, but fell short.
  14. I don't think this website is accurate. Go look at free throw percentage leaders. It lists Big Dog as 9th all-time with a .587 percentage. This year's team alone probably had 9 guys with a higher free throw percentage than that.
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