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  1. Everyone is welcome to discuss the impact of these events on the Zips basketball team on (and off) the court. Everyone is NOT welcome to openly discuss the particulars of the case and the individuals involved, whether or not they're public information. This is not the forum for that discussion. Out of respect for those involved, I have taken down anything marginal. Likely with a broader brush than necessary, but so be it. Carry on with hoops discussion if you like. Take it elsewhere if you don't.
  2. Wrong sir, you dipped into personal matters that have no place here at Zips Nation. You can wish to believe your post was misunderstood. I submit to you that the only misunderstanding here is your failure to adhere to both comon decency and the ZN.O AUP. Friends, GoZips has posted his last opinion on the FB coaching search as it will be concluded before his 30 day vacation from ZN.O. I and the other Moderators will not tolerate this. See you in one month.
  3. Not I. I'm guessing he/she is speaking of GoZips post?!? +1. Good find. Make him a moderator. He got the scoop first-hand.
  4. The following is from Mike Waddell regarding the recent news:--Good Afternoon...I hope that your week is off to a great start. This past weekend was incredible for Zips Athletics as we captured our fourth Mid-American Conference title of this academic year as our Women's Indoor Track and Field squad claimed it's second-straight title. Congratulations go out to head coach Dennis Mitchell, his student-athletes and quality staff of assistant coaches for a tremendous job well done.The Zips also had a big win on the basketball court as Keith Dambrot's men's squad defeated Ohio University in front of a sell-out crowd of more than 5,200 at Rhodes Arena. The win clinched a first-round bye in the upcoming FirstEnergy MAC Men's Basketball Tournament and gave Akron it's first 20-win season since 1988-89. The Zips have now won 26 of their last 27 home games and will close out the regular season on Saturday with a match-up against Can't, set for a Noon tip-off. We hope to see you in the stands!On a personal note, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for yoursupport of Zips Athletics and for your loyal support over the past five years. Your friendship means the world to Heidi, me and our family.During the months of December and January I had the great honor of serving as the Interim Director of Athletics at UA. Dr. Luis Proenza entrusted me with this great honor and for that I am eternally grateful. He is a treasure of a leader who has the best interests of UA Athletics in his heart.The past year has been a whirlwind of accomplishments with four MAC Championships won over the last five months. What a tremendous complement to the collective work produced by all of our departmental staff. We all work long hours and as a result a championship environment has evolved. It will not be long before Akron enjoys the thrill of capturing the Reese / Jacoby Cups from the MAC!In January our department welcomed our new Director of Athletics, Mack Rhoades. Mack's arrival ushered in a new era for Zips Athletics. His leadership style is very open and engaging, which is crucial for this time in Akron's continued athletics evolution. Mack has been great to work with and has given me unprecedented exposure to a host of experiences of our department's operations.With our many team successes has come the opportunity for individual advancement, not only for the persons mentioned above, but also for myself. Earlier this month I was approached by several schools regarding senior staff positions with their Department of Athletics. After carefully considering my professional options I have decided to resign my position here at The University of Akron, effective at the end of the current basketball season. I have accepted the position of Senior Associate Director of Athletics with The University of Cincinnati. This decision making process could have been much easier if I did not feel as comfortable with Akron's new athletics leadership and with the direction that I know this department is headed. The future is bright for UA Athletics and Mack Rhoades, the senior staff and UA's incredible cadre of head coaches will lead the Zips to all-new heights, both on and off the fields and courts. It is very hard for me to depart a group of friends with whom I feel such a strong bond. Our external staff has grown into a family as have our strong group of corporate patrons and campus partners. That being said the professional and educational opportunities that have been put in front of me by UC are extraordinary and will allow me to reach my career goals to become a Director of Athletics at the Division I level most expeditiously.Please join me in congratulating my "little sister",top assistant and right-arm Cara Ramsey on her impending retirement from UA to spend more time with her young family. Cara has put her life into UA from her days as a Martin Scholar and now as a member of our staff over the past six years. Also please keep Kevin Olivett in your thoughts as be prepares to move from UA to become an Assistant director of Athletics at Georgia State. Kevin is going to do great things in this business and I am excited for im to have this chance at a leadership position with Mary McElroy's group in Atlanta.I know you can understand how the present time, while rewarding, has been bittersweet. I have been incredibly blessed with a staff of talented young professionals who are also great friends. That fact cannot be stated to strongly as it is both rare and very appreciated.The personal investment that I have with Akron Athletics is something that will not diminish once I physically depart the campus. I consider the last five years to be the best of my life and I want to help make sure our transition moves forward with the greatest of ease.I will be in touch as soon as I land at UC and will forward my new contact information. Again, thanks so much for your friendship and understanding.Always Onward and Upward - Go Zips! Mike Waddell
  5. Friends & members of the Zips Nation (.org):On 23 February, 2006, ZipsNation.Org will celebrate its 2nd birthday. We now have nearly 300 members who have posted over 10,000 items of interest, optimism, pessimism, wit, smarts, stupidity and humor. We submit to you all that this experiment undertaken by the Porky's Seven continues to be a success. The Zips Nation was a sleeping giant and is beginning to rise. No further proof is needed than the 15,000 strong that filled the Zips' sideline at Ford Field in Detroit on the day after Christmas. And with very few exceptions, we have found this to be a place where all things UA can be debated and discussed in a manner befitting the Nation.The past few months have been an exhilarating time to be a part of the Nation, not only here, but in the stands and on the sidelines as well. The women's cross country, men's soccer, and football teams all brought home MAC Championship trophies. The men's soccer team enjoyed a #1 national ranking for several weeks and advanced to the final 8, falling only on penalty kicks to eventual national champion Maryland. The football team won it's first MAC Title Game and participated in the Motor City Bowl. Halfway through the '05-'06 campaign, UA leads the Director's Cup standings among MAC schools.A new energy surrounds the campus and city. Fear the Roo is everywhere. The University of Akron's players, teams, coaches and entire athletic administration have elevated their games to new heights of excellence.Friends, it is now time for ZipsNation.Org to do the same. ZN.O should endeavor to be an appropriate reflection of our Zips, even in our unofficial capacity as the web home of Zips Fans. We are a thriving community here, and have worked through some growing pains with starting a board such as this. The moderators collectively share a vision of some improvements to ZN.O. They include:- More regular / timely updates to the news forum & front page.- Integration of an image gallery area for posting Zips gameday and related images.- Freshening up of the site theme to improve navigation and ease of use.- Addition of an ignore modification for pesky player's girlfriends and UT janitors.- Publicity generation on campus and in general - getting students involved.- Dispatching a search party to the islands to locate our long lost ZIPMAN.Through the wonders of 21st century open source software and free licenses, none of the programming topics present any real out of pocket cost to ZN.O. They merely are tasks that require some time and debugging efforts. Like all Zips fans, the Moderators are gainfully employed productive members of the economy and have limits on the time we are able to lend to these tasks. Thus, we are looking for willing and able members of ZN.O to help us accomplish these goals prior to ZipsNation.Org's birthday party at the MAC tournament in March.Can you answer yes to any of the following?- Do you regularly search and find news items related to Zips Athletics?- Do you closely follow recruiting (all sports) and track prospects?- Are you willing to help assemble news items on a weekly or biweekly basis?- Do you have talents for HTTP, CSS or PHP programming / tweaking?- Are you willing to try new features out and give timely feedback?- Do you live in a dorm on campus?- Do you live near the Roundhouse?If you answer yes to any of these questions and are willing to help in an little way possible, please respond in this thread and indicate what you can offer. After a week or so, we will be contacting everyone interested to try and piece this together.Also, now would be a good time to offer up your suggestions for improvements to ZN.O. You can also do it in this thread. Please keep in mind that your suggestions will be considered and may or not be implemented for any number of reasons. Thanks for your time, your help, your hits ... and Go Zips!- The Moderators.
  6. Please feel free to add suggestions for ZN.O in this thread and let us know if you can help with any of the items mentioned in our recent post that can be found here.
  7. Calling the Nation! The Zips play hated Can't State today. A win .. and the Zips are in the title game. A win .. and the flushes go winless in conference. A win .. and your turkey will taste better (a proven fact). A win .. and you can take a holiday again next week. Do you need any more reasons? Get down to the bowl. The turkey can wait. Go Zips!!! P.S. John Madden has his TurDuckEn ... how about some flush stuffed with Falcon today, I'm quite sure I'll enjoy mine. You better get yours! P.P.S. Zips Soccer CRUSHED West Virginia yesterday. Play UConn on Sunday. Go Zips. More later ... off to the Bowl.
  8. So Padre asks ... and so it is done!
  9. Apparently, having the best record in the nation, with a 4-1-1 record against tournament teams means very little to the selection committee. In a tournament where gate revenue should play little or no role in determining who hosts games, the Zips were handed the #9 overall seed in the NCAA Men's Soccer Tournament today. #9 Assures them of a bye to the second round, and the right to host the winner of WVU / Robert Morris at Lee Jackson Field. However, it means from there on out they may be on the road, barring any upsets. This may include trips to both UConn and Maryland enroute to the College Cup. You might recall that neither UConn or Maryland won the Westfield Cup at the beginning of the season. Guess who did? FYI, Maryland is the #1 overall seed after losing their ACC championship match to Duke on Sunday. Indiana is the #3 seed after losing the Big Ten title match to Penn State. Here are some links: NCAA Official Announcement: No Respect Given NCAA Tournament Bracket: So It Will Be Won On the Pitch
  10. Ever been stuck in Lima or Van Wert on a game day and unable to catch Frenchie on the radio or attend games in person? Have no fear Zips Fan, UAM has struck again to help you with your UA obsessions. Check out the latest announcement at Go ZIPS! .... dot com! The Zips & fans will soon enjoy the benefits of a state-wide broadcasting contract. Standards continue to rise. Go Zips!
  11. The 2005-06 Basketball season is fast approaching, and MAC Media Day was held this week. Early returns from the media day are the release of the media's picks for the upcoming season. You can read about this and more at Go ZIPS! ... Dot Com. Here are some links, we'll add more as the papers post relevant articles: GoZips.Com: Men's Basketball Picked to Finish Second in the MAC Official MAC Site: Bobcats and Rockets Named Preseason Favorites Cleveland Plain Dealer: (not yet) More preseason items to be added shortly. Discuss the Basketball teams in the Akron Zips Basketball Forum
  12. The Zips exorcised some demons last night and rolled past EMU into the quarterfinals of the MAC Tournament. A pathetic showing of just over 1500 fans were in attendance for the big win. Disappointment in the Nation abounds. Pride in the Zips exceeds it. Go Zips! Here are some of the post-game news items: GoZips.Com: Akron Heads to Gund with 78-66 Win Over Easter Michigan GoZips.Com: Box Score Akron Beacon Journal: Zips follow sign to Gund Cleveland Plain Dealer: Zips add another surprise Cleveland Plain Dealer: Other MAC Tourney Summaries Ann Arbor News: EMU's season zipped up MAC Official Site: Higher Seeds Advance to Cleveland Join the discussion in the Akron Zips Basketball Forum
  13. The Zips fell victim to the Bulls on senior day in Buffalo. Poor shooting in the first half limited their halftime lead to 1 point, and the lid on the basket didn't come off in the second half: Here are some of the post-game news items (added as they become available): GoZips.Com: Zips lose to Buffalo 72-56 GoZips.Com: Box Score Akron Beacon Journal: Zips suffer big loss to Bulls Cleveland Plain Dealer: Zips miss chance at top seed with upset loss Buffalo News: UB leaves Akron punchy MAC Official Site: MAC Men's Saturday results Join the discussion in the Akron Zips Basketball Forum
  14. Big game for the Zips & a big test at that. A win guarantees the Zips 4 days off and a bye to the MAC Quarterfinals at the Gund on Thursday. A loss, and they fall anywhere from 4 to 6 in the MAC seedings. Here are some of todays pre-game news items: GoZips.Com: Men's Basketball closes regular season at Buffalo Akron Beacon Journal: Zips need to defeat Bulls or say bye-bye to MAC bye Cleveland Plain Dealer: MAC Update (not much) Buffalo News: Stakes high as Bulls host Akron MAC Official Site: MAC Men's basketball season concludes Saturday Join the discussion in the Akron Zips Basketball Forum
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