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  1. All I can say is go back to 2007. Akron is 26-6, clearly the best team in the MAC and we lose the MACC on a prayer 3-pointer to Miami. No NCAA Tourney, No NIT. Our guys sit at home. After that heartbreak, I am convinced the only way a MAC Team makes the tourney is to win the MACC.
  2. Kzoo has Bells brewery... Reading a a few articles this evening hoping WMU can make a good bowl game and somebody mentioned something I've sort of considered in the past. The G5 schools should have their own Bowl game(s) which pit the best G5 teams against one another. Personally, I think the G5 schools need to go tell the P5 schools to pound sand. We all know that 1/2 of the big 10 teams are MAC caliber teams. The top B10 schools play 2 OOC MAC schools then 4-5 crappy B10 schools and BOOM, 7 wins and bowl game. If the G5 schools have basically no shot at a national championship, then why pretend? Let the P5 schools beat up on each other and let the G5 schools boost their records and go to more bowl games. I know, I know, the G5 schools need the money but maybe if we play only the crappy P5 schools we could make it work...
  3. My feelings exactly. A year ago at this time we were right on track for our fourth 1-11 season. Somehow we recovered at the end of the year and had a surprising win against UT. Lots of fooball to go, I've got my eye on that BG game! I hope there is a TON riding on that game!
  4. I guess I'm not overly concerned with the offense simply because I have my eye on how we perform in the MAC. I mean, hell, a year ago now we had what, 3 wins in 3 years? Sure, I want to (and think we can) beat Marshall but my eye is more on making it to Detroit. From my standpoint the D will be able to hold most MAC teams in check and the O is clearly better than it has been in the past few years. For me, get to Detroit this season, keep building next year.
  5. I think the Offense will do just fine in the MAC. Though TB isn't aggressive enough to challenge PSU, in the MAC we'll be able to put points on the board. There were a lot of plays where we "Almost" had it...clean those up and we'll be rolling.
  6. I think TB just wanted to keep it close, play not to get blown out and with luck we would have a chance to win. Not the case this year. Frustrating. On the upside, the last time I was this excited for Akron Football was 2009, the new stadium. FINALLY, it's going to be fun watching the zips again!
  7. Hackenberg has tons of time to throw. On that TD pass he was standing there like he just ordered a burrito at Chipotle or something.
  8. I'm disappointed that TB packed it in at the end of the first half. First, we should have gone for it on 4th down when we were deep in their end instead of punting. Second, we had 1 minute to try to score at the end of the half but we ran the clock out. We aren't going to beat these guys if we aren't aggressive!
  9. I feel for KD, this has to be so frustrating for him. He has been loyal to the school and has consistently put a winner on the floor. New facilities would be a big help in getting us over the hump and win a few games in the Tourney. Unfortunately, there isn't any construction money left. Early in LP's administration, we needed to be building new facilities, the campus was just awful. After those first few stages of building, I think the administration become intoxicated and just kept building and really strained the finances. I have to say, after reading that article posted above, Pres. Scarborough has a clear idea of where UA needs to go over the next few years. We need to get our debt under control. Unfortunately, that means KD gets screwed and doesn't get the arena he needs, at least for the next few years.
  10. Yea, I am also frustrated with the media coverage, I can't ever remember it being so sparse! I suspect money is really tight and the papers are focusing on what makes them money. However, you would think that Gozips.com would be improving....apparently not the case. Seems like they caught Terry at some random spot in the stadium and just decided to shoot right there. How hard is it to schedule a regular interview with the guy in a more professional environment? With any luck, the Zips will tear things up and we won't be talking about this in a month!
  11. The seating arrangement was probably the result of multiple people slipping and falling and being injured at the Turkey day game in a Rubber Bowl covered with snow in 2005. No excuse for the bathrooms.
  12. I'm a big fan of the Thanksgiving games, especially when it is cold and there is a lot of snow in the stadium! Great win! The D has been solid all year, but for about 1 quarter yesterday I saw an offense that I have not seen in about 5 years. Pohl was money, we could catch and run! It was a thing of beauty. Though I was disappointed to be booted out of my seats in the upper deck, the fans around us were all very into the game! I cannot say how happy I am for the Seniors who went through years of HELL! They stuck it out and turned this thing around. Those guys are warriors and it showed in the post game celebration with everyone, including Terry and Chuck jumping for joy! This win is HUGE for the program! The future looks bright!
  13. For me this is the biggest win since the "Upset" over Syracuse (I know, there haven't been many wins since then...). We've come close at Michigan and NIU, but when it was clear Can't State was back to their losing ways, this game was a litmus test for where the program is going. For me, Terry has officially got the ship turned beyond 90 deg. from where RI had it going. This should help recruiting as we continue building. With that said, I was a little frustrated at our scoring aggressiveness late in the game. It seems that if we have the lead in the 4th, Terry is happy to just start running the clock out. If we are within "Chip Shot" range for a FG, we also seem to be as conservative as possible. It worked this time, but has burned us in the past. Thank God Chuck has the D playing so well. I also agree that having the Akron-Can't game early in the year created some great atmosphere! I hope both programs become contenders because the WW game is so much fun where there is a lot on the line! Great win, good time yesterday.
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