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  1. The Plain Dealer reported some preliminary enrollment data for Northeast Ohio schools. It will be interesting to see how the new admissions standards affect the quality of this years incoming class.
  2. Jeff Darcy of the Plain Dealer with an "interesting" take on Tressel's new role
  3. Reading all of this really makes me question the decision making of the UA board of trustees. I'm going to be pretty disappointed if I see a push for "online education" at UA and find out it's through some company connected to Scarborough.
  4. Twas a joke, good sir. I'm teasing Zach for saying stupid shit.
  5. From Dave's second article: Looks like UA figured out how to fill that budget gap.
  6. Well isn't that just great. What's next? Is this guy going to start a medical school at UA?? Sorry I ever doubted you, Zach. /s
  7. I see your point. But the numbers don't lie. Until this data is updated for next years' incoming freshman class, we can't judge the effectiveness of the new admissions standards.
  8. There was a lot more that went into downtown Cleveland's revival but yes, the arenas had a lot to do with it. As a self interested zips fan living out of state, I fully support the new tax.
  9. Jim Tressel is a team player: Five takeaways from his quest to become president of the University of Akron
  10. The best of the rest. I'll accept that.
  11. Whenever feel shitty about the level of discussion on ZN I go to BobcatAttack. It makes me feel better. "Akron is a terrible team with no talent and a little bit of luck" (per one OU fan) One wonders if that particular OU fan considered what that statement implies about OU. But because he went to OU, we can probably assume he hasn't thought that far ahead.
  12. When was the last time we lost to OU?
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