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  1. That is wild. A quick glance at their roster reveals that there isn't a ton there. They do have a talented freshman.
  2. A Buffalo win does nothing for the MAC and makes the Bulls even more dangerous moving forward.
  3. @skip-zip was talking about a lot of these issues weeks ago and some of you ridiculed him for it.
  4. Cotton was likely to see less playing time next year anyhow. I'm not saying I'm happy he left - I'm not - but I don't think this is a huge blow.
  5. Hester can run PG as well
  6. Not shocking. He and Groce didn't get along. He also might have seen much less PT next year. We now have two open scholarships.
  7. Too bad they couldn't finish strong like we did...
  8. It all depends on how they can do recruiting. I think he's off to a nice start with his 2018 class. A 25-win St. Bonaventure team just got an at-large with only one or two solid non-conference wins. I'll take a small chance of at-large there versus my season coming down to 3 (or 4) conference tournameny games in March.
  9. Memphis, SC, and Akron are the one's I've heard most. If Memphis replaces Tubby Smith with Penny Hardaway, it's probably a done deal for him to go there. If they keep Tubby, it could get interesting.
  10. I'm watching TJ Moss closely. He's a kid that could be a real game-changer for this program.
  11. I can accept that THIS team played its best basketball late. It's the suggestion that they finished stronger than past year's teams that I find laughable.
  12. Just pointing out that you can use numbers to support just about any argument. Those teams finished as strong as/stronger than this year's team. Thursday's loss just didn't sting as much because deep down we all know this team wasn't very good.
  13. We certainly missed opportunities. I keep going back to something LGZ said: "And that's why I'm optimistic about next year and the future in general. I think we have a guy at the helm of our basketball program that isn't going to look for others to help him become successful. He's going to build the success on his own." John Groce shouldn't be building this alone, now should KD have been asked to. To become an elite mid-major, you need help from your President, your AD, your alumni, your students. No coach should be trying to build this alone. Has anyone seen/heard from our AD?
  14. You can do a lot with numbers. You cite a 2-3 finish in 16-17 - odd that you cut off the 3 straight wins before that, but I guess 5-3 doesn't sound as bad. Citing 3-2 in 15-16, but I guess them winning 7 out of their last 10 doesn't sound as bad. Don't let your obvious bias get in the way.
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