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  1. Greetings from down 76... just chiming in since this involves YSU. Do I ultimately expect the game to be canceled, yes because we are on the verge of the season being suspended in its entirety, but still think two schools an hour away not playing because of not being in the same conference is questionable. Maybe Adrienne Robbins from that TV station can ask DeWine his thoughts? Anyhow, just wanted to point out that your tweet references the WRONG MAC
  2. YSU's deficit was $7.1 million as Tressel took office. Through a hiring freeze, eliminating positions that had "help wanted" advertisements, restructuring the high-up administration, and enforcing an ACE union contract on its members, he has been able to address the shortfall. However, it has not been all cuts. YSU's undergraduate applications exceed 6,000 this year, almost double the amount of last year. Naturally, that doesn't necessarily mean it will translate into butts in seats, but it is a sign of a new-found interest in YSU as Tressel himself has gone to Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Erie, and Pittsburgh talking to dozens of high schools about the school. The Vindicator had an interesting article last week on Tressel I encourage you to read, "Tressel and the art of caring, and not caring": http://www.vindy.com/news/2015/jul/05/tressel-and-the-art-of-not-caring/ Prior to Tressel applying to become President of Youngstown State, I heard from a well-known individual at the YSU Foundation that Tressel had some concerns about the financial health of Akron. After looking at UofA's financials on the state auditor's website, the amount of debt the school had was eye-opening, but to be quite frank, I had no idea it was as bad as many of you had indicated on here.
  3. MAC looking better than the Big Ten? The worst team in the Missouri Valley (Indiana State) went into Muncie, IN and beat Ball State last night. Furthermore, the Sagarin has the MVFC ahead of the MAC for yet another week. FCS top 25 poll this week may have 7 of the 10 MVFC teams ranked. 12 MWC-WEST (A) = 64.79 65.07 ( 12) 6 64.98 ( 12) 13 MWC-MOUNTAIN (A) = 63.80 64.06 ( 13) 6 63.93 ( 13) 14 CONFERENCE USA-WEST (A) = 62.00 61.58 ( 15) 6 61.67 ( 15) 15 MISSOURI VALLEY (AA)= 61.77 62.07 ( 14) 10 61.92 ( 14) 16 MAC-WEST (A) = 61.03 60.84 ( 16) 6 61.03 ( 16) 17 CONFERENCE USA-EAST (A) = 60.37 60.50 ( 17) 7 60.47 ( 17) 18 SUN BELT (A) = 56.69 56.32 ( 19) 11 56.42 ( 18) 19 MAC-EAST (A) = 55.96 56.42 ( 18) 7 56.23 ( 19) 20 OHIO VALLEY (AA)= 53.53 52.98 ( 22) 9 53.21 ( 21) 21 COLONIAL (AA)= 53.29 54.00 ( 20) 12 53.73 ( 20) 22 BIG SKY (AA)= 52.68 53.10 ( 21) 13 52.92 ( 22) 23 SOUTHLAND (AA)= 51.07 51.23 ( 23) 11 51.20 ( 23) 24 SOUTHERN (AA)= 50.93 50.21 ( 24) 8 50.58 ( 24)
  4. FWIW, Jim Tressel signed his contract tonight. First two years he will make $300,000, a full $75,000 less than the two previous President's of Youngstown State. The salary for the third year has yet to be determined. Per the Vindicator, YSU offered him more money, but he said he would take job for lesser salary, which he did.
  5. Looks like both schools will be happy. YSU expected to name Jim Tressel President tomorrow. Watch for announcement early.
  6. Per Fox Youngstown, YSU will meet at 8am, Akron at 2pm, on Thursday to discuss and likely make their selections for President. Of course each meeting will be in executive session. Will keep you updated.
  7. Akron is part of the Cleveland market. For a city as large as Akron, and Canton for that matter, it seems unfortunate that you folks are lumped into the Cleveland market. Youngstown has its own NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, MyTV, and CW. Of course PBS is shared between Youngstown/Can't on 45/49.
  8. Youngstown has six local TV stations. How many does Akron have??? Exactly.Btw 21 WFMJ interviewed your student government president and they said they wanted a PhD candidate.
  9. According to 21 WFMJ in Youngstown, the Akron Student Government has thrown their support behind Toledo Provost Dr. Scarborough. Will be interested in hearing if you guys have heard who your faculty have thrown their support behind. All signs point to Tressel being picked by YSU, as early as their meeting on Thursday afternoon when they intend to select, not announce, their choice.
  10. YSU's last President to sneak out of town after 7 months was the previous Murray State President. He was well liked and well thought of and someone many felt fortunate enough to get. I think the biggest issue in Youngstown is the fact that YSU Engineering Dean Dr. Abraham was not a finalist for the 2nd straight time. He is a finalist for the provost at NIU and is credited for the launching of the STEM college at YSU and has played a major role in the growth of tech/high-end manufacturing in Downtown Youngstown.
  11. At the rate of speed YSU is going, you won't have to worry. They have already stated that they will pick their next President on May 8th and negotiate a contract with that individual with an announcement 1-2 weeks after. I do take offense to the shots at the educational status of YSU, as I am a proud graduate of the school and can say unequivocally it prepared me extremely well for the challenges I encounter each day in my career. However, that is a topic for another day. Again, I'd expect Tressel to be picked at YSU before Akron. If you haven't noticed, YSU is expediting the process, and they aren't doing that for nothing.
  12. Following YSU's 1 point win over Wright State on Saturday where they honored former YSU MBB head coach and current Akron asst. Dan Peters, YSU coach Slocum stated in his press conference (View Here: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VC0kRdwQLkM) that there is talk of a Coaches vs. Cancer tipoff tournament between YSU and Cleveland State of the Horizon League and Akron and Can't State of the MAC next season. Each team would face the two teams from the opposite league in a tipoff tournament, presumably either at a neutral site or rotating amongst the arenas of each team. Naturally, there would be no inter-conference games as those will come later in the year during conference play. Coach Slocum said Akron and Can't are on board with the idea, but that CSU is currently not 100% behind it. I personally think this would be a unique and fun tournament to open up the season, all for a great cause. Let's hope CSU gets behind this idea! Continued prayers for Coach Peters.
  13. He is lucky to be living that is for sure.
  14. My apologies if this was already posted, but former Ursuline star Jamel Turner appears to be headed to Akron. He's has a rocky ride the past few years but hopefully has his life moving in the right direction. The kid is a tremendous talent, but I had figured he would go to college out of Ohio just to keep him away from any bad influences close to home. Hopefully Akron being an hour from Youngstown doesn't cause any issues.
  15. Congratulations, you took one away from us. I don't expect this to be the norm however. He is a hometown boy for you guys.
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