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  1. Player I most want to see - A healthy, next-level Nate Johnson. Fan favorite - Evan “We Want” Wilson
  2. I assume they’ll tack on a 3% convenience fee to every transaction? Of course you’ll also get the option to tip your concession worker 20%|30%|40% too.
  3. I’d expect he’d be a 2-way player to begin the season and split time between the G League and the Pacers. Pacers are pretty good, so it’ll be pretty shocking if he logs any appreciable minutes this upcoming season.
  4. Should we have just told Learfield "No thank you. Our dilapidated 2008-era scoreboard is perfectly fine in 2024."?
  5. So they're already placing an over/under on the halftime score? Or is that number referencing the value, in millions of dollars, that each team would need in order to match the other's NIL fund?
  6. Brad Stevens and Groce are pretty tight. I don't know that Boston would take him with the 30th pick, but definitely would with the 54th.
  7. Relegation is a bizarre concept that would never fly. I just won't...no use even discussing it. A G5 division would fly. Especially if it's a model that uses NIL for it's original intent - Not to pay players like professionals from donor slush funds, but to allow players to promote a local car dealership, or get money from a jersey sale. To begin, maybe it only consists of 30-40 like-minded teams. But there'll quickly be late-adopters who find they're going broke trying to keep up with the Ohio States and Alabama's of the P5 landscape. They'll join the new G5. It would be interesting to see if any upper-tier FCS programs (NDSU) would join. The Zips Football Program barely has two pennies to rub together. Where's the $25k per MAC wide receiver going to come from? And the Zips aren't the only ones. All P5 and G5 schools are acting like they have ample donors lined up to fund this new era of Professional Free Agent College Football. But I don't believe it.
  8. I thought he was erratic and had limited range.
  9. You just watch...he'll hit 85% of his kicks this upcoming season, with a couple from 50+. 🤪
  10. It would be a killer for baseball...but I doubt we'd ever be able to field a competitive baseball team regardless of our available scholarships. Soccer would find a way to match whatever the P5 boys would do. And few of them will ever take soccer seriously. If P5's went to 95 football scholarships I don't think it would matter. You can still only play 11 guys on either side of the ball, and the guys that can't cut it will transfer out within a year. Stupid era we're in in college sports right now. I hate it. But it isn't going to get better.
  11. Would a kid rather see the field and win some championships at Akron, or be #25 on the bench at OSU for 4-5 years? Kids are already fleeing P5 basketball programs left and right for the G5's now. I think Akron soccer is well-funded and supported enough that it will always be an upper-echelon program. I don't think an kid worth his salt in 2024 is going to accept being the 95th scholarship at OSU if they can see the football field elsewhere. I'm all for a new league of like-minded G5 programs. I'm shocked that there seems to be zero traction on this idea nationally. I guess the G5 football schools don't want to lose the prestige of being "D1"? The advent of professional, millionaire "college" athletes has to accelerate the conversation, right?
  12. Brandon Council transferred from UA to the other UA a couple years ago. Auburn a pipeline to Akron...started all the way back in the Bill Muse era. 😄 Tulane has to be crushed that Chambers left them at the alter.
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