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  1. Does a kid's Akron vs. Duquesne decision possibly come down to the endorsement deal he's promised from Akron Felt and Chenille vs. Primanti Brothers?
  2. Bubba transferred to OU. No one died. It was fun to booo and heckle him.
  3. I wouldn't worry if I was a Buffalo fan. They have apparently named their new interim HC.
  4. Tulsa's Zaven Collins picked #16 in the NFL draft last night.
  5. Drop his name in the search box and you'll find the info. It is in the "...looking forward" thread.
  6. In the MAC, he'll be a good coach. EMU basketball should be in the top half of the conference with him at the helm.
  7. With the P5 teams emphasizing recruiting of transfers, the availability of talented freshmen should be at an all time high for mid-majors?
  8. Can we just change the term "mid-major" to "The Power 5 Minor Leagues?"
  9. Explains why his heart wasn't in the NIT game. Didn't want to injure himself. He was already on to bigger and better things. #foreverarocket
  10. If you wanted to better understand the overall effects of basketball players getting an extra year of eligibility, Steve Czaban recently conducted a nice interview with DeMatha HS HC Mike Jones. You can listen to it here. It is lengthy (over 1 hour total), but for the most part is all interesting stuff.
  11. Hope Boykins gets it. Heath is a retread. Rode the wave of Gary Waters efforts to nab a big payday, but mediocre wherever he landed afterwards.
  12. Well...as long as we're laying out the mea culpas...I wrote: Houston 87 CSU 56 Houston could have had 40, but called off the dogs when it got to 35 points late. You can see why Kelvin Sampson didn't get any looks from Marquette.
  13. Remember This Guy? “I thought I had the world in my hands ... I didn’t have to listen to anyone because I already knew it all,” Howard continued. “No matter how good you are in sports and no matter how good you are in school, if you let negative people into your life, and if you let things in that aren’t going to push you closer to your goals — despite what you know is right — you’re never going to succeed.”
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