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  1. Doesn’t every team get new uniforms every season?
  2. ESPN is the $300 weekly stimulus check...it's welfare. MAC schools would rather sit and home and collect ESPN's checks than build their programs, market them and fill stadiums. It's a lot less work.
  3. If he says "Waah waah... I wouldn't have built that stadium," he's the wrong person for the job. If he says "That stadium is a resource, and I'm gonna figure out a way to get 20k in it on a regular basis," then he's the right guy.
  4. Clayton Qualifies for Tokyo Is he still pissed at UA, or has that been smoothed-over?
  5. What will get you more "clicks?" "Coach punishes Jewish football player - forces him to eat pork" or "Disruptive local HS football player punished - chooses to pull pepperoni off pizza rather than eat chicken nuggets"
  6. I think the last Zips player to give the dual sport, hoops/gridiron teams "the old college try" was Jake Schifino back in the late 90's? He lasted a couples games at the end of Hipsher's bench before hanging up the Chuck Taylors and focusing on football.
  7. Hope the deposit on his graduation party tent was refundable.
  8. Does a kid's Akron vs. Duquesne decision possibly come down to the endorsement deal he's promised from Akron Felt and Chenille vs. Primanti Brothers?
  9. Bubba transferred to OU. No one died. It was fun to booo and heckle him.
  10. I wouldn't worry if I was a Buffalo fan. They have apparently named their new interim HC.
  11. Tulsa's Zaven Collins picked #16 in the NFL draft last night.
  12. Drop his name in the search box and you'll find the info. It is in the "...looking forward" thread.
  13. In the MAC, he'll be a good coach. EMU basketball should be in the top half of the conference with him at the helm.
  14. With the P5 teams emphasizing recruiting of transfers, the availability of talented freshmen should be at an all time high for mid-majors?
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