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  1. I find it funny how you do not know anything about the situation and already saying how you hope he fails. YOU call yourself a Loyal Fan. fLoyal - faithful to any leader, party, or cause, or to any person or thing conceived as deserving fidelity: HA....
  2. Utah state here is the link http://utahstateaggies.cstv.com/school-bio...neystadium.html
  3. mondo sewell should have been a 4 or a 5 star. But u know that stars dont matter i played with him and when they run to his side its either a loss or a hit stick. "Da Grave Boys coming soon
  4. I have four things to say. 1. FAU is in the sunbelt. The sunbelt.2. I think its cute how you spend even a min. on a teams website that you care nothing about, and how you prolly won't check this at all again. Just to say FAU has pretty girls and a coach that coached when my dad was in pampers.3. FAU is in the sunbelt, and florida will hang easily half a hundred on you guys.4. Your mascot is an owl.
  5. All im going to say is if Coach Wanted the big dollars He would of stayed in his other buisness. Also your telling me if KD got a call from a Tradition rich basketball program he would turn it down. WOW.
  6. Timmy boy you need to read the article a little bit more.
  7. They told me they were building a on campus and that it would be by my junior year and they said they are going to have it open early so it could be ready for my soph or junior year. But what most got my attention and made me cancel my other visits was i saw a chance to play early and I saw the AD and President behind the football program, Also I think we our going to be like a Utah and go undefeated and play in BCS bowls. Thats what me and Coach Flemming and Brokhart talked all bout. Well cant wait to get there.
  8. Miguel Graham from Juco CB, Jarvis Giveans Columbus HS Fl DT, a CB from Valley Forge, Shane Shead Hargrave DE/OLB (me)
  9. We played on the same team this past year at Hargrave and I would really like to go to college with him. He has been offered by Can't St. and he said he didnt like it there at all. So Akron has a chance.
  10. There is some more kids from hargrave that would be interested in you guys if the coaches showed interest. A safety that is the biggest hitter on the team and it would be an ideal fit imo.
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