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  1. Nobody has mentioned this guy, but he did very well in his pro day workout. Almondo Sewell had 44 (maybe more) reps of 225 lbs which ended up being 2nd in the entire country and up there with the tops (50) of all time. He also had a pretty good (4.8 i believe it said) 40 time for a guy that is 6'1 3/4 and 297 pounds. The last i seen the NFL had him ranked as the 60th best DL out of almost 300. I could see him getting a shot to make someones team.
  2. I seen this guy play in person and he is a monster....but he tends to slack a bit. He has no problem getting the "pancake" block but after he does that he doesnt go to the next level very often to block anyone else.
  3. They are twin brothers and have said that they are a package deal....to get chris (the QB and better player) then you have to take demitrious as well, whom isnt a bad player himself.
  4. Where did you see this? Scout.com was updated on august 10th, and said he is now a verbal for us.
  5. I searched the site and didnt find anything on it so i figured id post it. Akron got a verbal from Nick Rossi. He is a 6'2 230lb MLB that had offers from west virginia,temple,and a few other smaller schools...... its always good to see we beat out a larger BCS school for a player.
  6. Morgan Craig a 6'4 245 Pound D.E from Clarks Summit PA was given an offer from akron over the weekend. Akron also offered Paul Gaughan (6'6 28 Pound OL) from Dunmore PA. Gaughan also has offers from a number of larger BCS schools. also akron is giving serious looks and may be on the verge of offering Paul Gallagher (5'10 190 Pound OLB) and also Adrian Brunori (6'1 265 Pound Center)
  7. from what i got from the article, it said that they couldnt when they first got there, but have been working with the wrestling coach and are now in better shape..... and as you read in the article it talks bout how the kid had a steal at halfcourt, took it between 2 defenders an then dunked it.... their in better shape then when they first arrived
  8. 2 brothers who stand over 7'2 and both weight 260+ pounds. one is 17, the other is 15. recruit them like we were able to recruit an sign zeke. http://highschool.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1087336
  9. I actually seen this kid play a few times, and watched his highlight film. I talked to a few of my friends who work at other larger colleges an they said the only knock on this kid, was his height. He has a great motor. Fast getting to the ball. Knows how to create turnovers and never takes a play off. Just ask some of them boys from cardinal mooney. They couldnt block him.
  10. They can have him........ when they are recruiting stud RB like jamaal berry and the new kid coming in, howard will never see the field. Ive watched him more then a few times and my outlook on him is that he is lazy. Seeing him play in that All Star game in columbus last friday proved that, after missing tackles and jumping up and blaming his fellow teammates for not making the tackle also.... and seeing him TAP a guy on his shoulderpad while he was running along the sideline. If howard wants to play he is a monster, but the problem is (and he said it himself in the article) is that he is lazy. good luck with that career at tiffin, because you will never play at ohio state.
  11. After seeing howard in the Ohio North VS South all star game last friday night at ohio stadium, i realized he had to be one of the most overrated and overhyped players to ever win the MR ohio award. Against competition on the same level as he was supposed to be, he was getting used. He was not the best RB in the game and most definately wasent the best player in the game. Way overhyped. won be a big loss for us that he will not be a zip, because IMHO i would take our top 3 RB over howard. In that game, he showed how lazy he was as a player. They had him playing alot of linebacker, and i actually seen him try to bump a ballcarrier out of bounds instead of putting the hit on him. After spending last thusrday and friday at ohio state and going to their practices and interacting with the players, i know for a fact he will NEVER see the field ahead of a Jamal Berry, Bo Delane, Jordan Hallor any of the other young RB they have...... he will have to settle for a low level BCS team.
  12. did they sign him or is he going to be a walk on. seems very small for that position, and his speed isnt very good either.
  13. I just read online that Jim Flemming, a former assistant here at akron is now an assitant at our rival Can't State. He will be coaching the linebackers. Wonder how that will feel to have to play against his son in the biggest rivalry in N.E Ohio. Did anyone else already know about this, if so sorry bout reposting it.
  14. I was curious so i went an looked into MR. Singletary's criminal record. How is it that a player can be arrested for all of the following and still be aloud to play basketball................ its beyond me. below is the guys criminal record... oh and can someone remind me of what his BAC level was when he decided to blow 01/26/2008 SINGLETARY, CHRISTOPHER OVI~OPERATING VEHICLE IMPARED Can't POLICE04/07/2008 SINGLETARY, CHRISTOPHER DRIVING UNDER DUI SUSP. STREETSBORO POLICE08/31/2008 SINGLETARY, CHRISTOPHER NOISE ORDINANCE.(DISTURBING THE PEACE) Can't POLICE08/31/2008 SINGLETARY, CHRISTOPHER RESISTING ARREST Can't POLICE03/10/2008 SINGLETARY, CHRISTOPHER NUISANCE PARTY (DISTURBING THE PEACE) Can't POLICE06/24/2009 SINGLETARY, CHRISTOPHER DRIVING UNDER SUSP. Can't POLICE
  15. and the chippewas never had the lead in this game. akron dominated all the way till the end. the game was not as close as the score indicates. Akron was up by 16, and allowed the chippewas to score points in the final minute of the game.
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