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Hi All,I was just playing around with the Gallery function here at ZipsNation, and found some improvements that could be made for user-friendliness. Namely, you previously had to upload images one at a time, which is a big pain in the neck.Now there are 2 ways to upload multiple images. After you create your album (in My Controls / My Albums), you'll have the option to do a "New Image" or a "Bulk Upload." Continue to use "New Image" for single image uploads. However, if you'd like to do multiple images, you can do "Bulk Upload" now. Once inside Bulk Upload, you have 2 options. First, you can upload a zip file containing your images, and the system will extract all the images from the Zip file and add them to your album. Simply browse to the Zip file, and then click the "Zip File" button to upload them. Be patient if you've uploaded a large number of photos as it will take some time. This is probably the best single step method for uploading multiple images.Below the Zip file entry are single file entries. You can use this to browse to multiple files that are not contained in a zip archive. Add one file per line, and then click the Submit button at the bottom to import all the images into the album in one step. My experimentation tells me that it should accept about 6 images at a time, up to about 2MB of uploads at once.Hope this helps make it easier to use. There's lots of space here, so feel free to use the Nation to show of your Zips pics.Go Zips.ZW

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