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Disappointed with ABJ Coverage



Well here I am with my first blog. I must say that it is a pleasure following the UA Men's Soccer Team. Number ONE in the country is a huge thing to the millions of soccer fans in the US. I am very disappointed, however, with the coverage (lack of coverage) given to the team.

The Akron Beacon Journal must ask itself on thing: If the football or basketball team held the Number 1 position nationally, what would that coverage look like?

I can answer, it would be much more than it is now.

I would hope that the ABJ will wake up and look at this team. No scandals, great grades, diversity, and the spirit of team. We are hungry for more stories about them. AND how about a little front page action, huh ABJ?

When the older sportswriters think of sports, they think American football, basketball, and baseball. In 10-15 years, the writers will have experience in soccer, and will appreciate the sport more, and then it will get the coverage.

Now, I love American football and basketball and the others. I even read about the rifle team and enjoy their progress. What I am talking about it the NUMBER ONE team in the nation and the only team that is undefeated. If the volleyball team was number one, I would think the same thing.

That it for me today. Oh, just so you know. I am a 61 year old woman.


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