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Found 8 results

  1. Hello Akron fans, Marshall fan here and I recently published a travel guide for the city of Huntington for opposing fans who may be making the trip to watch their team take on the Herd. I thought I'd post it here as some of your fans may find it helpful. Hope to see lots of you in Huntington in a couple of weeks and good luck with your opener against VMI this weekend. Travel guide
  2. Pretty interesting take on the season. I could see Akron going as good as 9-3, as bad as 4-8. http://www.hustlebelt.com/mac-football/2016/4/1/11331024/akron-zips-football-predictions-2016
  3. According to his twitter (@kwadissmooth), Kwadarrius Smith is now an Akron Zips and a football athlete. It looks like he was a track sprinter at Missouri last year as a freshman. Since he's switching sports, I think he'll be immediately eligible to play this season and he should have at least three years to play. It looks like Akron offered him a football scholarship while in high school.
  4. Saw this on NIU's board. There's a whole lot to talk about here. Who would have guessed that Akron now leads the MAC in athletics spending? http://chicagofootball.com/2015/03/23/behind-the-numbers-where-mac-athletic-departments-rank-in-spending-profit/a8ax3qd/
  5. It is that time of the year again and a week and a half away! Zips Football starts their campaign against Howard, an FCS school. Now I will not breakdown the game, because we should know the outcome of this game. However I will ask these questions: What will the Zips do at the start? Will Bowden play very close to the vest, knowing full well that they will play Penn State the next week, or open it up for everyone to see? Will the backups play a ton of time? Will the defense be top notch(on a side note, is Robinson still on the team?) Will the team in general take this game seriously being on a Thursday night? Will Joe and Jane Akron even really care about this game, or even the season? Will the Zips take full advantage of what they have in front of them? Discuss.
  6. My wife and I are planning to attend the game in Akron on September 20th, and are looking for some advice from the locals. This is part of our annual vacation as we always make sure to incorporate one Marshall away game into the trip. We plan on staying in Akron on the 19th and 20th for the game, and then we will venture off from there. We still have no idea where we are going after so if anybody has some suggestions within a reasonable driving distance that would be great as well. The main purpose of this message is to get some ideas on the best hotels (factor in ease of getting to the stadium) and the best resturaunts we should visit while in town. Looking forward to a great game, and my first time in Akron as I am a younger fan so I didn't travel when we were playing more often. Need any further details just ask...
  7. Beer coasters! Somebody needs to print some of these up with the Zips schedule and send them to every bar in the area.
  8. I know that this is a sub-topic, but I will start one anyway. For those of you that was at the spring game this weekend: What did you think? I know that the Defense is always way, way ahead of the offense. However, other than one big run, I seen nothing, IMO. Am I wrong? Are they holding everything close to the vest? Am I paranoid? For the record, I have video of the game(I am surprised that noone posted this yet). Too early to tell? Just wondering….. The Game
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