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Hit the road, and turn my back on you guys for a couple weeks and look what pops up! :unsure:

Damn, I'm going to catch a newbie under my name now..........sucks to be ZP. ;)

Niiiiiiice job ZW, and where the hell are all these new slugs coming from???????

Got to find me a nice banner now..............

Hey, where's ZIPMAN.........oops, shouldn't have spit out the nastie word..........

bye............. :P

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Nice to see you back among the living and playing on the WWW Padre. Nice deal here huh?? I think ZW had this thing in his pocket all along. It looks like the MACBBS.

BTW having XM installed this coming saturday. I boudght the Alpine radio will look boss on the dash of my buggy. It's not quite a Pinto but close. :unsure:

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Some logo i liberated from the same site as someone posted here to get zip logos. BTW do you still have the Email where CK sent the license plates and specifically the one with ZIPDUDE on it. i could C&P that bad boya and make it my avitar big time. I went to the Oplate website where i get and renew my license plates and found that ZIPDUDE is avialable and it even made a facsimile for me but i couold not save the image...damn.

Did you know LO still teaches a class at UA? 78 told me he saw and talked to him the other day.

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LO????? What class would he teach???

I saw in the Canton Rep that Stacey,Gilliumand Meyer are going to Ashland with Owens. I guess there contract is up today with Akron and they will be named coaches at Ashland shortly. The article said Meyer will be the DC. Boy that is a big promo.

Thanks for joining us Z-P.

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zff is truly the man check out my avitar.

LO teaches a class on "coaching" . There are some current players who are registered but apparantly do not go to class. What up with that...lol. My info is that he seems to like Ashland and apparantly said that PW did not interview for the Can't job.

I heard that Gillum had interviewed with and got some kind of athletic administration job with the Cleveland City Schools. I gues he is gonna be an Ashland Eagle. He has been with LO longer than anyone on his staff. Goes way back to Gallion I think. Greg did a nice job of being the recruiting coordinator.

I guess Akron Obsessed might be back to our board here soon based on some of that news about who else is following LO to Ashland. B)

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