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    Nice to hear Ms Grice in the postgame And She is excited!!!!!! And Cody wants to go the Bahamas!!!
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    It's 7:45 and people are setting up tailgating equipment. Maybe we will get a decent crowd. Fingers crossed. To Hell with shopping. Get down here Zips Nation!
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    According to Frenchy, the last time Akron had a shoutout against an FBS opponent was Ohio in 1992!(13-0 score)
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    Toledo is trying to lose to WMU. Pitt trying to lose to Miami. Navy loses by 3 TD's
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    http://www.topdrawersoccer.com/college-soccer-articles/ncaa-tourney:-mens-third-round-preview_aid38463Predictions from J.R. Eskilson at Top Drawer soccer. He predicts a rough weekend for the ACC with Notre Dame, North Carolina and Wake not reaching the elite 8. Astute observation on his part about how important that Victor Souto is to the zips (I know that I should let sleeping dogs lie...but it is unconscionable that Victor was not chosen as one of the top11 players in the MAC).
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    That is some great artwork and clever motifs. I say we commission him to do a poster for the 2017 Wagon Wheel Game. It can depict Zippy coming out onto the front porch, raring back on her tail and kicking Flash (dressed as a Domino's delivery driver) off the porch with both legs. Ya feel me?
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