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  1. really nice quotes about Richie....in this article https://wakingthered.com/2024/02/23/14503/richie-laryea-returns-to-toronto-fc-on-3-year-deal/
  2. nice writeup on fire 2 website https://www.chicagofirefc.com/two/news/chicago-fire-fc-ii-signs-2024-mls-superdraft-pick-jason-shokalook-to-mls-next-pr
  3. Good wishes to Jason Shokalook https://www.instagram.com/p/C3tNvVSSuO-/?hl=en
  4. Welcome home, Richmond Laryea https://www.mlssoccer.com/news/toronto-fc-sign-richie-laryea-from-nottingham-forest
  5. 11 am on March 2nd....the zips kick off their spring schedule https://gozips.com/news/2024/2/22/akron-mens-soccer-announces-spring-exhibition-schedule
  6. On Saturday March 2nd, the zips soccer fans....that live in NE Ohio .....will get to see the Zips debut of 8 exciting new players....as the zips will play 2 games on March 2nd against an under 19 Canadian soccer club...and against an under 21 team from that same soccer club.... Making their Zips Debuts - 6 January additions Maximus Barboto Joshua Bartels James Buebendorf Nicholas Beier Beto Ydrach Devin Armstrong and 2 very talented redshirt freshman (injured, could not play in the fall) Caleb Borneo Nathan Ferguson You will notice that the Zips .....will have a lot of players on their team.....with a last name beginning with B How many of the 11 zips starters in the fall...will have a last name beginning with B? Jonas Buechte ? Mitchell Budler ? Caleb Borneo ? Maximus Barboto ? James Buebendorf ? Nicholas Beier ? Joshua Bartels ? I am really excited.......to see how this exciting group of zips do in the spring campaign.....Go, Zips !!!
  7. Michigan State will play at Akron on Saturday March 9 We now know that Akron's 2 home games in the college spring league will be Dayton on April 6 and the Spartans on March 9 We know that the zips...play at Bowling Green on Friday March 22. The zips will play at Michigan in their 4th college spring league game (that date has not yet been published by either Michigan or Akron)
  8. I still think that AD Guthrie is comparing total attendance for 12 home games in 2023......vs. 10 regular season home games in 2022. McFall and Guthrie need to stop trying to snow us.... Women's attendance was better....when you look at the box scores 2022 YSU 250 ; Niagara 202 ; Kent St 273 ; E. Mich 218 ; BG 294 ; CMU 322 ; Toledo 407 ; Ohio 246 8 games ...total attendance of 2,212 ...avg. attendance of 276.5 2023 - games 6 to 8 this year.....were much higher than the first 5...that is encouraging Rob Morris 142 ; Dayton 442 ; Boston 395 ; Buffalo 318 ; NIU 238 ; W. Mich 705 ; Ball St 662 ; Miami 719 ; Ohio 319 9 games...total attendance of 3,940 ...avg. attendance of 437.8 437.8 in 2023 is 58.3% improvement over 276.5 in 2022....
  9. Soccer wire......shows that the lady zips have added another recruit for 2025 Olivia is from the state of New York. for the true soccer purists on the board (hmmmm....could that apply to someone whose monitor ends in Buflobo?), Olivia is kind enough to list the soccer numbered positions that she can play. https://www.soccerwire.com/player/olivia-pilato/
  10. The Dayton Flyers will be playing at Akron on Saturday April 6......at 5 pm...in the spring college league I would suspect that the zips 3 other spring college league games against Michigan, Michigan State and Bowling Green will occur on Saturdays in the month of March. I am really looking forward to seeing how all of these new players do. Go, Zips !!!.....I think that they have a good chance of playing in Crew Stadium on April 13. https://daytonflyers.com/news/2024/1/29/mens-soccer-mens-soccer-announces-spring-schedule.aspx
  11. spring roster https://gozips.com/sports/mens-soccer/roster/2024
  12. the main web page...features an article by the relatively new associate AD for Marketing. 47% increase in men's soccer attendance???? I have highlighted in bold.....the men's soccer words from Seth McFall. While his words are encouraging, I do not agree with his math. See my calculations...below. In coordination with our ticket office, our fall sport ad campaign was launched with the intent to create awareness of our home events, while executing engaging content that would entice the user to interact with our materials. Our coordinated attack with group sales and digital ads, Akron Athletics saw increases in all three of our Fall Olympic sports. Men's Soccer saw a 69% increase in group sales, as well as a 47% increase in game attendance. https://gozips.com/news/2024/1/24/general-message-from-the-ad-contributing-series-seth-mcfall Actual attendance from box scores...on schedules 2022 regular season home games VCU 1,488 wright st 1,418 mich st 1,411 ohio state 2.237 Duq 1,209 NIU 1,222 BGSU 1,129 cleve st 1,419 chicago st 938 west mich 1,477 attendance of 13,948 10 regular season home games average of 1,394.8 per home game 2023 regular season home games Niag 1,174 Vermont 1,618 S. Ind 1,198 long Island 1,691 FIU 1,302 Providence 2,042 Notre Dame 2,535 Seton H 1,831 N. KY 1,965 DePaul 1,743 Cleve St 855 Marquette 1,590 attendance of 19,544 for regular season home games 12 regular season home games average of 1,628.667 per home game 1,628.667 per game is better than 1,394.8 per game but it is a % increase of 16.767% per game where do Seth MCfall and Charles Guthrie get their 47% increase in game attendance at first, I thought that they might have done total attendance...even though that is unfair.......because 2023 is 12 home games and 2022 is 10 home games even if they are that unlogical, 19,544 total attendance for 12 games is a 40.1 % increase over 13,948 for 10 games I can't come up with a 47% increase even If I include the 2022 post season attendance....., I can't come up with their wonderful % increase figures the weather must have been awful for the 2022 post season games???? mac title game in 2022 ...they show attendance of only 942 in Akron 2nd round ncaa tournament game in 2022...they show attendace of only 586 in Akron for the game against Pitt if you add those 2 games to the 10 regular season games, you get 15,476 attendance for 12 games that is avg. attendance of 1,289.667 per game so 1,628.667 in 2023 is an increase of 26.29% per game 47% increase alleged by McFall and Guthrie.....does not agree with the facts and if you look close, the move from the MAC to the Big East.......was responsible for a large portion of the attendance increase rather than anything done by McFall and Guthrie MAC league games in 2022 NIU 1,222 BGSU 1,129 Chicago 938 WMU 1,477 attendance of 4,766 for league games...avg. attendance of 1,194.5 Big East League games in 2023 Prov 2,042 Seton Hall 1,831 DePaul 1,743 Marquette 1,590 attendance of 7,206 for league games...avg. attendance of 1,801.5 for big east games 51.2% increase in attendance for league games better competition....accounted for the better attendance. I am glad that the athletic department....is trying to do new informative articles.....but I feel like I am being misled by Guthrie and McFall "new math"
  13. You are replying to a post that talked about players that did not win an NCAA tournament match during their eligibility. Your response should not include Sammy Tojaga. Sammy Tojaga started in 5 Zip NCAA tournament wins. In 2018, Sammy started in wins over Rider, #16 seed Syracuse (on the road), #1 seed Wake Forest (on the road), 3 time defending champion Stanford (on the road) and Michigan State (in the college cup semis). The Michigan State game was a blowout as the zips put up 5 goals. Coach Embick was able to utilize many bench players in the 2nd half. Sammy only had to play 67 minutes in the Spartan game. Sammy Tojaga was healthy in 2018 and Sammy played all 90 minutes in the first 4 NCAA tournament games. I would be remiss if I did not point out that the zips had a different coaching staff in 2018. Coach Embick, Coach Coppinger, Leo Chappel (for most of the year) and TJ Kolba. Our coaching staff from 2019 to 2023 has included Coach Embick , Coach Coppinger and Coach Nanchoff. Attila is not shown on the zips web site so I am not sure how many years that he has been on staff. Zips fans have been blessed to see many NCAA tournament wins in the Porter and Embick coaching eras. Coach Embick and the Stanford head coach were the only 2 coaches to guide their teams to 3 college cups in a 4 year span (2015-2018). None of us like it but the fact remains that the zips have not won an NCAA tournament game with this current coaching staff in the past 5 years. I am fully confident that this coaching staff is doing everything possible to make the changes needed for 2024. Dyson Clapier and Malik Henry coming back to school.....shows great confidence in the coaching staff and their teammates. Clearly, all teams deal with injuries and the zips have probably been more negatively impacted than most teams. Sammy Tojaga had a medical redshirt year in 2021. I truly believe that the zips (with a healthy Sammy Tojaga playing 90 minutes) would have beaten Santa Clara in the NCAA first round game. In 2023, the zips played all year without their #1 recruit , Caleb Borneo. I have never seen Caleb Borneo play in person but I do think that the zips would have made the 2023 NCAA tourney with a healthy Caleb Borneo. That being said, I think that the zips coaching staff has done an outstanding job of adding news players for spring 2024 and fall 2024. I think that the zips 2024 recruiting class is severely underrated by the "so-called recruiting experts". The 2024 recruiting class is being evaluated on James Buebendorf, Kamden Held and the 4 other domestic recruits. In reality, the 2024 domestic recruits should also include Josh Bartels (who as mentioned above....was considered a 23 recruit) and Outstanding 2023 recruits Caleb Borneo and 6'4 forward Nathan Ferguson(Borneo and Ferguson were 2023 recruits that were injured and could not play all year). Caleb Borneo was rated 4 stars by Top Drawer Soccer (TDS) and was one of the top 50 recruits in 2023(24 of the top 25 recruits in 2023 went pro and did not go to college). I am very excited about the 3 Canadian recruits that will join the team in the fall. Simon Guardiero at age 17 played in a 19 and under league and played 880 minutes in 11 games and his Sigma FC team won the under 19 league. Remi Agunbiade at age 17 played in a 19 and under league and led his Vaughn SC team in scoring with 7 goals in 11 games. Jamai Royer at age 17 played in a 19 and under league and played 811 minutes in 11 games. The zips are also adding in January a 20 year old defensive midfielder from Germany. TDS is evaluating the 2024 class primarily based on the 6 domestic recruits. In reality, the zips should be evaluated on the 6 domestic recruits and the 7 other players that I have mentioned above. In addition, the Zips have added some excellent transfers. The zips have added a player that had 9 assists for his Division 1 team and was selected first team all league in a league that had 3 teams rated in the top 25. The zips have also added a defensive center back that was rated as the #68 best recruit nationwide by TDS in the 2023 recruiting year. The defensive center back was also rated 4 stars by TDS in 2023. By my count, the Zips will add 7 new players to the roster in January 2024. I am hopeful that Caleb Borneo and Nathan Ferguson will be able to make their zip soccer debuts in Spring 2024. The zips highest rated 2024 recruit, James Buebendorf, is one of the 7 new players that will join the team in January. The German Holding midfielder will also join the team in January. That is 9 players making their zips debuts in Spring 2024.......5 more new domestic recruits coming in the fall. 3 Canadian recruits coming in the fall. I suspect that the coaches will probably add at least one more European recruit for the fall. By my count, that is 17 new players for the spring and fall....that none of us have seen. I am very excited to see how the new players do in the spring and I am also excited to see more of Daniel Firek, Dreas, Hardin, Herbert, etal.
  14. DeA is one of 10 players on this very impressive list https://the18.com/en/soccer-entertainment/ncaa-soccer-players-in-europe-college-athletes-top-leagues/134026
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