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    Maybe KD should get a Realist Coach to sit kids down and explain to them they're not likely to have a brand as their talent level has them at Duquesne.
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    Does a kid's Akron vs. Duquesne decision possibly come down to the endorsement deal he's promised from Akron Felt and Chenille vs. Primanti Brothers?
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    If I had more time today, I'd explain to everyone how a guy like Williams hires a guy like Arth. It isn't complicated, but obvious. More to do with personal preference than professional preference.
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    Is this satire? Are Zipmeister and John Ward really the same person? Has to be, right?
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    May want to keep an eye out here tomorrow. https://247sports.com/Player/Curtis-Fann-46041973/
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    Four conference wins thus far, and an overall record >25%. 9-16 at home. Better than I expected. If work (and Mother Nature) cooperates I'll finally get out to the ballpark Friday.
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    I don't believe someone has to have experience running a football or D1 football program to be successful. If he is a good leader, it shouldn't matter. I am not ready to write this off as a disaster, yet. He inherits a difficult situation with the football program. I don't envy him.
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    You are correct. He makes more money, runs a bigger dept and the Akron AD job rounds out his resume because it gives him experience with managing D1 football, which he lacks and will never go further w/o it. Even tho' we are arguably the worst program in D1 he has filled that resume gap. It's a good move for him. It remains to be seen if it is a good move for us.
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    Don't give up so easily. It can go well. The Athletic Department is not in a bad way. A major program needs fixing, but in general we are in a good position.
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    Guys and Ladies, are we living in some parallel universe where every athletic administration issue is handled with unbelievable incompetence? As I said in an earlier post you can't make this up. We hire the AD from our president's former university and we pay $100,000 to find him when our president knows more about him than any recruiting firm could. Why, because our new AD reported to our president weekly for years. On top of that football is our biggest issue and the guy we hire to solve that problem has no D1 experience of any sort. Don't you think a competent recruiting firm would have recommended someone with a plan and experience to restore the football program? You can't make this up. I'd like to remind you that the $100,000 we found for this search could have more than funded a men's cross country program along with outside funds that were pledged for years. It also would have kept our most decorated olympian Clayton Murphy supporting U of A, not that that was critical. But it would have been nice.
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    Yes, as my post says, that is all I expect out of the AD. Shut it down. Raze the JAR. Turn InfoCision into a Zoo.
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    Akron paid $100,000 to Collegiate Sports Associates to hire a guy as AD who has no football experience. https://collegiatesportsassociates.com/
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    The University of Akron has selected Charles Guthrie as the new Director of Athletics. Guthrie comes from Wisconsin-Green Bay where he's been the AD since 2017. Prior to Green Bay, Guthrie completed three and a half years as Director of Athletics at SF State. Guthrie arrived in San Francisco after serving as the Director of Athletics at Clark College. Prior to Clark, Guthrie served as Associate Director of Athletics for California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA), supporting the overall planning, direction and management of the CSULA intercollegiate athletic program. Guthrie came to CSULA from Cal State University, San Marcos (CSUSM), where he served as Director of Alumni and Parent Relations beginning in December 2004. Guthrie previously spent four years as Associate Athletic Director External Relations at University of California, San Diego (UCSD), where he developed and implemented the marketing, alumni and ticket programs for Triton athletics. A 2004 graduate of the NCAA Fellows Leadership Development Program, Guthrie served as Director of Marketing, Tickets and Recreation Gym Memberships for the department of athletics at Columbia University in New York City prior to joining the UCSD staff. Guthrie also worked in athletics at Colgate University and the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference (ECAC). The Albany, N.Y., native earned his B.S. in Political Science from Syracuse University and M.S. in Education Administration and Policy Studies from the University of Albany. If you are keeping count, Guthrie has not worked with a college football program in more than a decade. https://greenbayphoenix.com/staff-directory/charles-guthrie/126
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    Got an email that a new AD will be announced today at 11.
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    Just don't think it's a good look for the league, even as pragmatically, I understand it: Kid wants to transfer but still stay close to home. The MAC is fertile ground for that. Top NIU player jumps to Ball State due to a coaching change ... understandable; Front line Ball State player, a grad transfer, goes to Akron ... would hope there is honor among thieves so to speak and this was above board (all parties on both sides aware from start to finish) so while it doesn't look good, it goes down smooth ... Latest has backup KSU center (in line to start) going to Bowling Green where incumbent C remains and recent post transfer has arrived??? No coaching change on either side, no grad transfer, but AAU/HS coach at BG is now the conduit. Even if it is Kent, still doesn't sit/smell right. And remember this is the first few weeks after this rule was announced. What happens going forward after a year or two. Far Flung power conferences can do this with little bad feelings, but in a league tightly bunched like the MAC - most teams 200-miles or less from each other - I think this has the potential for some very bad outcomes both on the court and off ...
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    Let me get this straight. We have our greatest single problem in athletics with the football program. It affects all of athletics. The president says he is committed to maintaining and developing a top level D1 MAC program. So he demonstrates that commitment by hiring an AD who has absolutely no experience, expertise or success in D1 football. Brilliant! We have not had an AD who knows how to competently build an athletic program since Mac Rhoades. Either Gary Miller is incompetent (probably) or the board of trustees have told him to prepare to scrap football. Either way there is no hope to build a better football program with this hire. If Miller feels this guy can learn on the job, then he has very little regard for our athletics. You can't make this s**t up that goes on at Akron. A culture of incompetence.
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    ZipsMBB just announced officially Castaneda and Walton are with the Zips.
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    Ouch. Jason Hickert is a RHP. Attack that recovery, Jason! 🙏💪
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    I have a feeling the Zips may pick up a win today; although it may just be gas.
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    Looks like Bryan Williams is the next head coach of the Buchtel Griffs.
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    "Hire Ianello and they'll leave..."
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    We don't have much room to talk. We thought a new football stadium would elevate our football program...
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