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    Hops on a plane today and competes tomorrow
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    Uhh...awkward...Akron alum Matthew Cherry won an Oscar for his short film about a Black father and his efforts to style his daughter's hair. I would suggest that Zipmeister watch it and then re-think his post. (It's called "Hair Love")
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    The gold Z on the white helmet was SICK!!!
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    Dateline January 20, 2152 Washington, D.C. Federal authorities today ruled that the Behemoth League, comprised of all sixty-four Big Time (formerly D1) college football teams except Notre Dame, constitute an illegal monopoly and ordered it dissolved just like they did with the phone company last century. Officials at the Justice Department recommend a return to conference affiliations that existed in 1970, but are giving schools twelve months to institute their own plan. Unidentified administrators at several universities, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to do so, stated that the break-up of the Behemoth League could bankrupt their school. Behemoth Commissioner Kevin Warren Jr. didn't offer much specific insight into what the Behemoth League's response might be, but acknowledged that college football was on the brink of some massive changes.
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    You guys need to check your white privilege. 😶
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    Loved that uni. I wish they would bring it back.
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    Leave poor Gerry out of this. he is a nice man. 😁
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    It is already happening 72. The disparity between AL/OSU/Clemson vs the rest of P5 is drastic at this point. Some believe it is the money, but they are wrong. It is the vast disparity in recruiting advantage that comes from winning. This disparity can only be resolved by required changes in scheduling difficulty based upon previous season success and by making the "playoffs" a real playoff by eliminating the invitational tournament aspect of it and requiring total season result as benchmark for entry. If these schools want to act like professional leagues, treat them like teams get treated at the professional level. If the players want to make money, treat them like professionals where there are no weeks off. I don't say any of this to be malicious. It's the reality of P5 football in 2021. Some would say this is a Faustian Bargain that started years ago, but the Faustian Bargain assumes someone/something sacrifices the moral high ground for money/power. I don't think P5 schools ever occupied a moral high ground. They are businesses staffed by some of the biggest sleazebags in the country who would willingly destroy any organization they work for to advance themselves. The evidence is at the G5 level.
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    There is no way Colorado will leave the Big 12 for the PAC 12. For that matter, there is no way Colorado is leaving the Big 12 for any conference. My guess is Kansas and Iowa State will join the Big 10. Both are AAU members; both would make a reasonable travel partner - Kansas for Nebraska and Iowa State for Iowa.
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    Well you know theatres are open now....
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    I'm in agreement with GP1 here. Texas and Ok are gone and with their departure the Big 12 is dead. There is no way the rest of the CFP teams will allow the remaining Big 12 to add more teams and keep their membership in the CFP. That will mean adding more teams that will split the pie of money and that will not happen. Look for some members of the Big 12 (Colorado, OK St) to go to the PAC 12. The rest are screwed. The ACC will break up with NC going to the Big 10, maybe even ND. Maybe FSU to the SEC. What emerges is three super conferences that all leave the NCAA for football. The MAC and Akron will play no role in this. That is a good thing. These changes finally force the G5 to look to their own future w/o the former P5. Let the G5 stay in the NCAA and have their own championship. Forget about the money of the CPF, the conference network money and the big bowl payoff money. The G5 schools were never going to taste that. It's better that they focus on what they can control. Look to their own interests and let the greed of the P5 eventually eat them alive from the inside. It will take decades, but it will happen.
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    George couldn't be bothered to make it to Detroit huh?
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    I'm more concerned about the fire coming out of that microphone.
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    I appreciate that you want to hear some ideas that can make the situation better. But in this case neither me nor you nor anyone on ZNO is paid to come up with ideas. Guthrie and his staff are paid to do that and still we hear nothing. I guarantee you that any idea I, you or Joe ZNO come up with is better than nothing. We need to expect and demand more. So far we have nothing which is crap. We should not be afraid to call it what it is. If we applaud anyone for doing nothing we are insuring that that is exactly what we will get in the future. Let's set the bar higher.
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    Looks like they've picked up where they left off (with a quarterback running for his life).
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    The Women's team plays two games in Vegas the week before Christmas. 12/20 5pm vs UT Martin 12/21 2:30pm vs Marshall Southpoint Casino Arena.
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    Maybe I'm in the minority, but I think the cursive "Akron" is the worst. Not sure why it's basically being used as a primary logo now across all sports. It's boring and generic. Especially when we already have two very cool unique logos that are almost never used anymore.
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    He's a fine player and he'll get drafted. I just don't see him as much of an NBA player. I hope I am wrong.
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    Bowden also did a crappy job recruiting/transfering his last couple years and left the closet bare. This is not going to be a quick rebuild. IMO.
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