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    Proud of this team for taking care of business tonight. Great senior night. Gotta take care of business next weekend now. Go Zips!
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    Zips win 3-0! BGSU-UB tie makes Arkon the MAC champ!
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    I saw a guy on either CNN or FoxNews being interviewed as a voter in NE Ohio standing on the street. And he was wearing a big AKRON ZIPS sweatshirt.
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    Bringing in and developing talent is part of the coaches job. This is the Bowden regimes 5th year so his staff has recruited every player on the roster. Coaches like Dantonio have made a name for themselves by steadily turning 3* recruits into 4* and 5* players. We're competing against MAC schools, not Alabama, Michigan, or USC. We need to get 2* and a few 3* players and get them to play like 3* and 4* players. Among our peers between our stadium and indoor practice facility we have as good, if not better, facilities than any other MAC program. We are also situated in perhaps the most fertile recruiting ground in the conference. We should want a coach that can bring us something better than a 7th place MAC finish. I get not wanting to blow it up as we can potentially be great next year if we even get our defense to somewhat average. I still think we need some sort of shake up. We should be pulling better high school players than we are.
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    Lack of enthusiasm, lack discipline, lack of depth seem to have plagued this team. Things are getting much better from years ago, but Akron needs a motivator on the coaching staff. Seeing Terry doing his 'Ok arms up, now arms down' stuff on you-tube doesn't cut it I believe. Maybe a guy like Stroud should get more involved in the motivational hype to help as Gildersleeve may not be THE guy for now. I saw a post game talk recently and only Tuley-Tillman and Venckus were on their knee listening to Bowden. Don't get me wrong, I think Terry is our guy, but maybe he needs to take on a more dignified stance with the team so that when he speaks EVERYONE listens. I also think that lack of depth is playing a role beyond not having suitable backups on the 2 deep. If a starter is banged up he will fight to play if he thinks sitting will hurt his chances to play in the future. This is called competition and it is a great motivator. We need more and I think we will get there, but for now the stadium will be empty and we will have to take the interesting things going on at Akron games as enough until the consistent wins arrive, just a little late.
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