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  1. Thanks @Blue & Gold for posting that tweet / interview. Some notable items to me... Danny Strachan and Carlo Ritaccio in the middle of the back Retooling the midfield with some new guys coming in Up top ... Diogo [Pacheco], Jason Shokalook, Dyson Clapier + some new guys ... leads me to believe that Will Jackson may be moving to fullback as we saw him play well in the Spring. Happy that Danny Strachan, Diogo Pacheco, Hazem Sobhy, and Will Meyer are getting an extra season due to NCAA adding 1 season eligibility for seniors due to COVID As @zippypitt mentioned, 'lots of home games this Fall' ... I like the sound of that, too!
  2. It would seem so... https://www.ncaa.com/rankings/soccer-men/d1/ncaa-mens-soccer-rpi 39 Akron 161 Xavier
  3. Austin Bold visits Pittsburgh Riverhounds June 6, 2021. https://www.riverhounds.com/game-schedule
  4. Just a reminder about this ... https://app.mobilecause.com/vf/21ZIPS Many thanks to all who continue to do what they can to support our Akron Men's Soccer Program and student-athletes, be it through donations, attending games, etc.
  5. Kudos to the Zips for hanging in to the very end.
  6. @bigzipguy I did. I can't realistically see that happening given current RPI, limited number of teams in the tournament, and not enough games to establish a resume for it. For anyone wondering about goal differential, this is what I came up with as far as current goal differential in MAC games played. Please feel free to check my numbers. If the Zips win and Falcons lose on Sunday, we would be no worse than tied on goal differential in conference games since a team obviously cannot win or lose by less than 1 goal.
  7. My post shows what is mathematically possible without any reference to likelihood. It's been a rough season, with much happening outside of the team's control. Those who were available to play last night didn't show any signs of giving up. So, I'll just say ... GO ZIPS!, hope we get some players back on Sunday, and take care of our part of the equation.
  8. https://gozips.com/news/2021/4/14/mens-soccer-akron-and-western-michigan-battle-to-a-0-0-double-ot-draw.aspx Senior GK Will Meyer (Solon, Ohio) was stellar in net for the Zips recording three saves, and numerous punch-outs in the box to thwart shot attempts by the Broncos. Isaac Walker pulled in four stops for Western Michigan. "It is an opportunity lost when you look at the standings," Embick said. "It's a tremendous effort. When you look at our situation with four subs and a lot of them are guys that don't play a lot. They're guys that are here for the future. They had to play a lot of minutes and they're not fully fit. It was a lot of heart. I don't want to call it an opportunity lost because I know where we're at. I want to praise the determination and the effort to try to get the win."
  9. On Sunday, if UA, NIU, and SIUE win...
  10. Agreed. Will Meyer had an outstanding game and deserves to be mentioned by name.
  11. https://sondasports.com/blog/soccer-tracker-improve-your-teams-performance/ ...There are several types of soccer trackers. One of the first to be introduced were cameras with an optical sensor. They were responsible for following a player throughout the game to record his basic statistics. Not only did they mark his route and the “heat zone”, but they were also able to recognize tackles, shots at goal, passes, etc. ... ...Today, most GPS soccer tracking systems include a GPS tracker, Heart Rate Monitor, and an application gathering and combining the measured data. The information we gather using such systems can be divided into three important sections. The first includes biological data, consisting of internal factors such as the heart rate, oxygen and fatigue, as well as measurements of values such as lactic acid and others. These measurements can be performed for example, by tracking the High Metabolic Distance using GPS soccer trackers. ...
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