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  1. I just registered to be a loud and proud AK-OLDIES member. Hopefully I can stretch the geographic coverage of the AK-OLDIES quite a bit. Let me tell you how excited I am that AK-ROWDIES has turned out to be such a great success that it has spawned the AK-OLDIES. I just have to sport it around Tallahassee and I cannot wait to come back to a basketball game this winter and join in the festivities with everyone! Go Zips!
  2. Hey guys! I am not sure if you knew this or not but if you go to Duquesne's athletics website, GoDuquesne.com, there is a free video feed of the game on the homepage.GOOOOOOOOOOOOO ZIPS!
  3. trust me, they read the board. you know that
  4. I rarely post on this board any longer but I read it every day. I wanted to comment on how strongly I feel about this situation being nothing short of a disaster. I cannot believe how much things have changed in one year. This just shows the difference in philosophy between administrations. Do not confuse effort with results is something a former boss, and still good friend, used to tell me all the time. This is my fear. Keep fighting. This is unjust and a true shame. Good luck AK-ROWDIES. I look forward to my visit and seeing all of you at James A. Rhodes arena for the December 29th double header. You can count on me to speak to the administration about this matter.Always and forever a Zip above all other!
  5. wow... um, i don't evne know who you guys are. Yes, i am leaving. I will always have Blue & Gold running through my veins and I'll never forget about this board or the old-school dreamwater blue board (some of you know what i'm talking about). That was classic! I'll be around and hope to see you at future Zips games. Go Zips and now Go 'Noles!... and
  6. The ZipsLive feeds are on GoZips.com as part of the All-Access Plan through CSTV. I will try to get a hold of the top 5 calls and will get them up here as soon as i can.
  7. try gozips.com... there are small recaps of the practices. i would keep checking back here for more though ;-)
  8. it is only visibile if you are logged in as a member
  9. From what i understand, the entire final four will be on ONN.
  10. the captain is correct! we have a winner!
  11. everything is being tabulated... The Zips season isn't even over yet folks!
  12. i am too. but taking the step from NCAA participant to NCAA contender and deep threat is not a big as NIT participant to NCAA contender and deep threat. You have to set your goals high to achieve higher.
  13. that is not a smart opinion... if the goal of any program is to improve the most it can each year, then why not set the bar higher for next year and not settle for anything. that will get our program more recognition. not playing in the Not Invited Tournament, no matter how far we get. THINK BIG!
  14. why would anyone say NIT? wouldn't you want your team to have the experience of going dancing? there are many people across the MAC talking about OU having a run in them just because they did it last year. It's about putting that fear in people. why wouldn't you want to know what it feels like to win a MAC championship if given the opportunity? So, would you honestly rather lose a title and get the consolation prize? who says that?! Who wants to be the first loser? Not me, and not anyone on this basketball team! Go Zips! K E N T, you've been kicked in the nuts! :macc:
  15. MAC Tournament Who: Men’s BasketballWhat: Mid-American Conference (MAC) TournamentWhere: Quickens Loans Arena (The ‘Q’) in ClevelandWhen: Thursday, March 9th - Saturday, March 11thWhy: To cheer on the Zips in pursuit of another MAC Championship for Akron AthleticsHow: You MUST come to the Rhodes Arena Ticket Office starting Thursday, March 2th at 8:30 a.m. Your limit is 2 tickets per ID! $20 covers all three days of the event (quarterfinals, semifinals, Championship) including ticket, transportation, food and drink specials at the Winking Lizard in Cleveland and a guaranteed commemorative limited edition gold ‘Fear The Roo’ t-shirt. $10 covers one game ticket, transportation, food and drink specials at the Winking Lizard and t-shirt if available.*Why not just pay for two sessions and get the third one for free!!! This is the best deal in the MAC guaranteed for student tickets! No other school can offer their students this kind of blockbuster deal!*We only can offer this out to the first 150 students for Thursday, 150 students for Friday and 350 students for Saturday!Please note; the buses will leave three hours before each game begins.Payment is non-refundable. *Here’s a scenario for you… Say you want to go to the quarterfinals on Thursday and the championship game on Saturday. That will cost you $20. But then you decide later on that you want to add on Friday now. So, you paid for two games and now you figure you can go to the third one for free, right? Wrong, you must make your decision up front about what games you will be attending. You cannot add games for no charge at a later time. If you decide to go to the third game after you have already signed up for the two other games you will be charged for the third game. For exact times and additional information please check your e-mail and visitwww.AK-ROWDIES.com on March 5, 2006.
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