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  1. +1. He played very well while he was in so maybe the coaches had seen enough? I guess it is more about development & evaluation than winning the game…
  2. I'm most excited to see our transfer players, but of them all I'm probably most excited to see Josiah Harris. I think the fan favorite by season's end... keeping my finger crossed... will be Nate Johnson. If Nate is the fan favorite it'll mean he's taken that leap most of us are hoping for and we all know he's capable of. I'm keeping my expectations curbed for true freshman PG Sharron Young. I'd rather be pleasantly surprised than underwhelmed. I know he'll be a good one, but asking a true freshman to run the show is a big ask.
  3. Disappointed Wadsworth’s Jackson Herbert transferred. 😕
  4. I mentioned this point in another thread. I have zero confidence in Bullock (and I hate posting things like that b/c I can just imagine a young man getting online & reading that from a fan 😬, but I've got to be honest). Roggow looked promising in the Spring Game (shockingly moreso than Wassel) but he's only a true freshman. ALL of our chips are on Finley 😬😬😬🤞🙏🤞🙏
  5. That sounds great & something similar to what I’ve been advocating for on here for a while (an Akron & KSUcks round robin weekend tourney). Probably a dumb question, but what do you mean by “MTE?”
  6. Beat out Miami-O & Air Force for Kavals' commitment.
  7. Could you offer an updated spitball on what you think our OL 2-deep might be?
  8. I'm worried about Finley getting hurt at OSUcks & then us going O-fer.
  9. A few years ago I took a week in late September at the Outer Banks and had the beach to myself. One day there were only THREE others on the beach as far as eye could see. It was pretty fantastic.
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