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  1. I can't believe GoZips.com doesn't have our 2021 roster posted yet. Or can I?
  2. A Reddit thread (so...): "[Dawg Sports] An SEC source with knowledge of the inner workings of the league office: 'A couple more dominoes fall and we're in a situation where the SEC could become its own division. more teams have reached out than what's being reported. 20-24 within the realm of possibility.' " Reddit thread
  3. I can’t argue with a graphic designer. Lol. But I love the script Akron. I think it’s classic looking. But I’m getting old, so there’s that. 😂 But I don’t want to see us permanently replace the Z logo on the helmet. I love that look.
  4. I like them. Clean. I don't want them to do much to them. I love our uniforms. They removed the AKRON font from the front & added the Fear the Roo head. I'm alright with that, though I do like Akron on the front of the jersey. Last year our jersey AKRON font was different than the script AKRON font on our helmets. Looks like there are numbers on the shoulders.
  5. 7) George Thomas reported that we had one...
  6. 6'5, 305 OT/DL Tyler Leopold of Ottawa-Glandorf HS. Ottawa's a small school (D5), so his competition will be questionable, but I've heard of this kid. He was 1st Team All-Ohio. Big body. That's OL size, but his commitment pic ^^ specifies DL, so that's a big, 305 lbs. DT! 💪
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