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  1. Thanks, we’re aware; we don’t mind making the drive, it’s a long weekend.
  2. Good feedback, after reviewing the inventory, we booked a hotel in Bloomington, IL.
  3. Tonight on CBS, Alliance of American Football (AAF) Jovann Letuli (Zips) and Logan Woodside (Toledo) representing the MAC.
  4. BOOM! What are you hearing? My count is up to 12 in the pouch (kangaroo pouch, get it). Did we just get better; fill some holes? Spring Ball starts 7 March. Let’s GO ZIPS!
  5. They don’t deserve another opportunity unless they pay full price; otherwise they can take the corn cob and....
  6. https://www.hustlebelt.com/mac-football/2018/11/1/18041316/2018-mac-football-game-preview-northern-illinois-huskies-at-akron-zips
  7. Wow.... then you should know better. I’m done.
  8. To be clear, I made no mistake. I’ve only missed two games this year (Buffalo and CMU); and yes, I see the quality of the players being recruited. Look, there is always room for improvement; but I think we have a good group to continue to build upon. I would venture a guess that there is not one player or coach that wakes up on game day and says “I think I’ll only give 50% today”. I know the results are not always what we want or expect; but sometimes we have to be adults and understand, this football thing is hard, winning ain’t easy. Calling Kato stupid was clearly out of line; it was immature and irresponsible. From what I’ve observed he is competitive and has a true passion for the game. Perhaps we are in different places in our lives; but I’m a Zips Fan because my son chooses to play the game. Because my son chooses to play the game; I chose to be a fan win, lose or draw. Just my opinion, from one ZIPS fan to another. Go ZIPS???
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