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  1. Marcus is because of injury, not sure about Lane. Marcus may miss the first game but will be ready for Wisc.
  2. I'm hearing that Mykel Traylor-Bennett suffered an injury on the first day of camp and will be held out for the next 2 weeks or so. Probably not my place to disclose any details on the injury if it hasn't been made public. Also, Logan Tuley-Tillman has not practiced yet due to some academic reasons. I believe he has one class to finish or something like that. Apparently he still has a long way to go in the weight room, which makes sense since he has been out of football since last Fall.
  3. Since camp starts today, thought we needed a dedicated thread to details around camp and anything we see or hear about how it's progressing. I'll start by posing a question - does anyone know why we don't have the players in a hotel or dorm-type setting? I've always thought that was a factor in building team chemistry before the season, and just a cool aspect of preseason football. It kind of bums me out the guys just stay in their normal living quarters during camp. Is it a funding issue? Edit: I figure since i created the thread, I might as well try and provide some information I'm not sure has been posted yet. Richie Cooper decided to transfer early in the Spring, it was a playing time concern. Wish he would have stuck it out. Jamal Marcus is about 255 lb and has been a beast in offseason workouts, putting on about 20 lb since the season ended.
  4. I love JB and his game, but it will be hard for anyone to surpass Jason Taylor in my opinion. I mean to be the GZOAT, wouldn't that mean you have to be one of the best players in NFL history? Again, just my opinion, but we might need to pump the brakes a little here - Jason Taylor is 6th all-time in sacks.
  5. Awesome, two great choices. Somewhat surprised Marcus wasn't chosen since he is the only preseason 1st team All-MAC player we have, but no complaints from me - especially since those two guys have been here their whole careers.
  6. MAC Media Day is this Thursday 7/28. Anyone know who our two representatives will be?
  7. It's already been mentioned on this board, but Tyler Shipman and Josh McNeil are both no longer on the roster. I've heard it was academic issues for both. Don't want to speculate, but it came from pretty reliable sources who have always given me accurate information regarding Akron football.
  8. He has been working out with the team already. Although Tyreek Hill was too, so that technically doesn't mean anything yet.
  9. Looks like the preseason accolades continue to roll in for Jamal Marcus. Bronco Nagurski watch list (top defensive player in the country): http://www.gozips.com/sports/fball/2016-17/releases/20160708g35ro8 Hopefully he can back it up this season. It's a different beast once people start expecting greatness, and he will have to be a leader this season as well. If I had to guess who the three captians will be, I'd go with Marcus, Woodson, and Scott.
  10. Pro Football Focus just came out with their Top 101 college football player ranking, and our very own Jamal Marcus finds himself at #56. Pretty incredible to say we have a top 50-60 college football player in the entire nation by the best scouting service there is. https://www.profootballfocus.com/college-pff-101-best-players-fournette-mccaffrey-garrett/
  11. Pretty good article ranking the top football players in the program. Not sure why it says top 10 yet only lists 8, but I'd be willing to bet JoJo Natson and Warren Bowl will show up on this list after the season. http://collegefootballnews.com/2016/akron-football-players Anything surprise you all? Guiser should be on the list, but ahead of Scott? Not so sure. Also, I think it's a little premature to have Gilbert on there at this point in his career - but we definitely need him to play well next year.
  12. If only we could get a MLB transfer like last year. That is a position I believe really needs an upgrade, and will be crucial to the D's success.
  13. Not sure what your point is. I'd rather have players who compare favorably to our opposition, regardless of how good our opponents' players have been historically.
  14. I saw a kid who was 6'5 260+ with extremely soft hands, and in limited playing time caught more passes from the TE position than any TE we had in 2014 (and maybe before, I don't feel like looking it up right now). Also, those 7 receptions came from about 10 targets. Regardless, I said that we'd be better without him. But if you didn't see a 2-3 game stretch where the coaches actively tried to get him involved, then we were watching different games. I think we would have a better offense with Josh McNeil at his best, but it didn't happen, so I'm not arguing that we will miss what we didn't have. Did he end up living up to the expectations of a 5* top 3 TE nationally? No. But I'm my opinion, he would have been one of the better TEs in the MAC had he put it together.
  15. That's the impression I got as well, seemed like he thought he deserved to be at Bama or FSU still. Such a shame. The kid has all the physical tools in the world, and it seemed like at one point in the season the coaches were really trying to get him involved in the offense. Either way I agree that Traylor-Bennett clearly wants it more and we will be better off.
  16. I noticed that Josh McNeil is no longer on the roster. Very unfortunate, as he was technically the highest-rated player in our program coming out of high school and could have been a real weapon for Woodson this year if he had been able to put it together. We saw glimpses last year but nothing consistent.
  17. And I have no idea why. He finished 3rd in the conference in INT/game and 7th in passes defended/game. According to Pro Football Focus, before the bowl season he had the third-highest coverage grade among CBs in the entire nation, and the highest among players outside the Power 5.
  18. We had some guys named to the All-MAC preseason teams by Athlon: 1st Team - Jamal Marcus, Jerome Lane 2nd Team - Se'von Pittman, JoJo Natson (punt returner) 3rd Team - Warren Ball 4th Team - Thomas Woodson, JoJo Natson (wide receiver), DeAndre Scott, Zach Guiser http://www.gozips.com/sports/fball/2016-17/releases/20160615gz0jth
  19. He acts like it's a burden to cover the program, it's absolutely ridiculous. If he wants a better job, then he should start with being good at his current job.
  20. 110% agree. I believe the coaches have been letting him take practices off this spring for this very reason - smart move by them in my opinion.
  21. Looks like Jamal is starting to get the recognition he deserves! One of two defensive "stars" listed for the entire MAC: http://athlonsports.com/college-football/five-mac-football-players-know-2016 Found his highlight tape from this past season on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfphqwzoIt4
  22. Jamal Marcus with 2 early sacks, he only played the 1st half and was consistently getting dbl and triple teamed. Does anyone else think it's borderline ridiculous how little gets written about him? I mean he's the only returning All-Conference player In the program and yet I can barely find anything written on him (honestly since he got here) and the coaches rarely mention him. Chapman definitely looks to have gotten his feet under him. I really hope we can find a way to utilize his talent on offense if Woodson still ends up the starter. Jordan George broke a bone in his leg the other day and is out about 2 months, but will hopefully be back by the start of the season. The DBs have apparently been the weak link on the D all spring, need them to come on strong this summer.
  23. Anyone know of any way to watch the game online? I is my understanding the OL transfer from Kentucky has given up football. Best of luck to him. Also, if Josh McNeil (dealing with an injury all spring) can even scratch the surface of his potential this season, we should be completely fine at Tight End imo.
  24. Marcus isn't playing OLB, although I wouldn't be surprised to see him playing in a two-point stance a lot more this season. His versatility should be utilized; he played his entire first year at Ohio State at OLB. Amato started getting more creative with him in the bowl game by lining him up on the left and right tackles.
  25. I took it as more of a, "We know the type of talent Se'von has, therefore we are hoping to get more production out of him his senior year." I'm probably reading too much into it. However... Four sacks over two seasons starting every game in the MAC isn't good enough for someone of his talent (although I do realize last year with Brown and Marcus sacks may have been harder to come by). Anything less than an All-MAC type of year will be disappointing and I'm sure that's the expectation he has for himself. With Pittman, Scott, and Marcus, there's no reason we can't have a talented senior step up as a leader on D.
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